Thursday, September 13, 2007

Joe Vitale Podcast -- Red Flag ,Green Flag Podcast

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Welcome Back!

I have a special Treat for you today :-)

Because of the amazing popularity of my Blog about the Red Flag...Green Flag Method, i have decided to make it a podcast so you can listen to it as much as you wish.

If you haven't heard about Red Flag..Green Flag yet, It is a very simple or powerful way to know if you are on track and getting the right signals to know that you are...or not...and then how to respond ...or not!

At one time i was thinking about writing a book about the Red Flag...Green Flag Method and it got shelfed with Red Flags.....then i received some inspiration and Green Flags about putting it on my blog...and since then the Green Flags have been Flying!

So who knows, maybe i will do a book on this method...or and audio...or a Seminar. Only the green Flags will let me know for sure.

Please enjoy this Audio...and please go over to my blog and comment on this audio version and let me know if you want more.

Take care,

Joe Vitale

PS If you are getting a lot of Red Flags from Fear...Please Check out our NEW Fear-Less DVD
We have been selling a huge number of them and the results have been....well...Green Flags all the way :-)

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