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How to Make Your Writing More Hypnotic

by Dr. Joe Vitale

"Rarely do I come across something that gets me so excited I drop everything so I can tell you about it right now. I just discovered these breakthrough confidential psychological profiles. I'm so excited my hands are shaking." - Joe Vitale Dear Friend,

Copywriters (or anyone who has to write sales letters, ads, or even e-mail) are always searching for those perfect hypnotic words that will help sell a product or service by painting a favorable picture in a prospect's mind.

However, no one has ever taken the approach of determining what *specific* words and phrases have worked best in terms of selling to, negotiating with, or motivating *specific* groups of people.

No one has ever put together psychological sales dossiers on prospects according to their profession to determine the best approach in writing hypnotic copy or making hypnotic sales presentations.

That is, until now ... at

After 20 years of research entailing over 12,000 interviews and thousands of hours of field work, psychological testing and academic research, The Brooks Group has put together a set of sales profiles---specific to whether someone is a lawyer, doctor, accountant, entrepreneur, engineer, CEO or one of 32 other group occupations---that tell you the *exact* words and phrases to use (or avoid) when you are writing copy and creating marketing campaigns for specific target audiences.

You cannot get any better sales and copy information than this...even the CIA is sure to take notice!

If you wanted to write a sales letter or advertisement for a certain group of career professionals, doesn't it make sense to know the specific words and phrases that most appealed to *that* group?

What words motivate a dentist, for example? Or a broker? Or a CEO? Or---any of 38 total groups of people?

Wouldn't you want to know the exact words and approaches that worked best when you're trying to negotiate with, sell to, or bond with a client of a particular profession, and wouldn't you want to know *why* they worked?

This information should cost $2,000.

I would easily pay that for it.

This brand new proprietary information is not duplicated elsewhere, and is an absolute steal at $28 per 20 page report.

You'll make your money back many times over with the extra sales you'll be able to pull in from this sort of information.

These reports are street-smart, practical, and quick. They won't waste your time and they won't take much money.

At only $28 each, the price is shockingly low---many of my own e-books cost much more than that---but I'm not going to be the one to tell the creators to raise their price!

These reports put you in charge of what you write. You will no longer be guessing at what will pull the strings in your readers. The reports spell out the exact words and phrases to use that are unique to each group of people.

You're hearing about these reports here first, so hop on over to to find out about these breakthrough psychological profiles, and order them today before your competitors do, and before the prices skyrocket.

I just ordered reports on CEO's and top executives. These are eye-opening. Now I can use the exact language in the reports--- language found to appeal to CEO's and top executives---when writing a hypnotic sales letter or e-mail to those people.

I hope you can see the awesome power you can have when you have these reports in your hands.

The website lists all the categories of people. Go see it, select a few of the ones that are your target markets, and then purchase those reports. Try them out.

You'll find it a wise investment in helping you create tailor- made hypnotic writing that does only one thing: SELL.

Again, the site is at:

Go see!

Joe Vitale, CEO
Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

PS -- I'll let you in on a little secret. I used the Special Report on entrepreneurs to write this letter. Since most of my readers are in business for themselves, I used the words from the Report that are shown to "activate" you the most. So if you now find yourself with a strong desire to check out their website, it's largely because this letter was written with carefully chosen hypnotic words and phrases to encourage you to do just that. Again, the site is at:

PPS -- The sales letter at the site is very hypnotic. Even if you don't plan to buy any reports, at least study the letter. Again, please go here right now --


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