Article by Willie Crawford

I sat around in a hotel room chatting with two other *very* well-known internet marketers recently. We brainstormed and shared observations until three in the morning 🙂 I thought you might enjoy the simple yet profound insights and wisdom shared by these two multi-millionaires. Look for ways you can directly apply this knowledge to your business activities.

The most profound observation that we all made was that most on-line newbies set their goals too low. This is often because of limitations in what they can convince themselves is possible. You see, until you have seen something done, you often view many things as impossible. After you see many people doing them, your concept of what is possible shifts radically.

Consider the person barely able to make their monthly rent payment. To them earning $50,000 a year may seem like a big dream. However, the person making $50,000 sets his goal on $100,000 although it may appear to be a big challenge to him. It magically seems more possible if that individual know anyone actually earning $100,000 a year. The person earning $100,000 a year, can see the possibilities of earning $200,000 a year, and the one earning this amount can imagine half a million.

As I sat in that room, chatting with someone who had made and lost many more millions than I could imagine, my personal perspective shifted dramatically. Just being exposed to someone who told me/showed me how it could be done convinced me that it was possible. It convinced me that I could do it… and I set out making it a reality 🙂

At other times during this weekend I engaged in other brainstorming sessions on how to build mailing lists in excess of one million, how to get millions of visitors to your site, and how to market high-end products. Nobody in the group doubted that these things could be done since we knew people who had done them. So our focus became how do *we* accomplish this.

The amazing thing about those discussion with those two internet marketing millionaires was how it continues to make me notice people doing “the impossible.” For example, I now notice websites that get millions of visitors a month. I also notice websites that get millions of visitors a day. And as I observe these amazing feats, I ask how can I duplicate what they are doing. I ask, how can I teach people I mentor to do the same thing.

What I grew to realize was that the challenge I face is just getting you to acknowledge that it is possible. I frequently talk to subscribers who are busily trying to market a $20 ebook for 50% commission. I have to emphatically remind them that this will never make them independently wealthy. The only reason you should be selling $20 ebooks is to get names on your list and to qualify them for up-sells to more lucrative products that they need.

It takes being at a seminar or conference and watching someone purchase a $5000 product or $10,000 in consulting services before many of those I mentor experience the shift in thinking I try desperately to effect. You see, this shift in thinking is necessary if you really want to become an internet success story.

That shift in thinking does a number of things for you. At the same time that you learn the secret to driving millions to a website, you realize that you may not really want a million visitors a month. As you learn to create a mailing list of several hundred thousand, you may realize that what you really want is a smaller but very targeted list. As your thinking shifts (and the light comes on) you discover that you are *actually* adopting the essential mindset.

What’s the purpose of sharing with you a few moment of candid conversations with some internet marketing millionaires. It’s actually to make you want to begin associating with the same types of people. When you associate with and brainstorm with people who think this big, you magically become one of them. Then you sit back, look at them, and realize they really are no different than you. The biggest difference is frame of reference and what they believe to be possible. Find a way for you to have candid conversations with a few millionaires today and watch what happens.

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