Article by Randy Gage

Why are so many people sick, depressed and broke?

Because on a subconscious level—they don’t believe they are worthy. Their church, temple or synagogue programmed them that they were a worm by the time they were eight years old. Their parents got divorced when they were ten and they thought it was their fault. Perhaps their father worked ten hours a day in a tough manual labor job, and now they feel guilty for earning more money than he did. And you can safely assume that they were completely brainwashed by the media by the time they were ten years old.

If they grew up watching Mayberry, Mash, Gilligan’s Island, The Beverly Hillbillies and dozens of other shows, they have subconscious programming that:

   • Rich people are pompous, conniving and dishonest;

   • Poor people are the salt of the earth; and,

   • It is somehow noble, decent, and spiritual to be poor.

Now, you may have attended a couple of self-development seminars, read some positive books and set goals for positive outcomes. But do you know how many thousands of hours of counter-programming you are still receiving?

Are you really screening the books you read? Did you eliminate the news outlets? Have you stopped watching 90% of the shows on television? Did you eliminate all radio talk shows from your diet? Do you excuse yourself from the conversation when it turns to gossip, lack and negativity? Have you replaced former friends and acquaintances in your life that were negative? Do you schedule and restrict the time you spend with negative family members?

If you didn’t answer yes to ALL of these questions, I worry for the tremendous amount of lack programming you are being exposed to on a daily basis. If you did answer yes to all of the above, what that means is that you are likely getting “only” about fifty exposures to negative programming a day!

So in either case—what are you doing to counteract this programming?

It may be much more important than you know. It is that constant daily programming you receive that determines your mindset. And it is your mindset that determines your eventual level of achievement in everything you do.

Example: Suppose you get offered a chance to participate in a business opportunity. You could approach this a number of different ways, each one would be dependant on your mindset.

You could jump in blindly, without any research, just because you are enamored with the idea of getting rich. You could enter a very bad situation and lose a lot of money.

Or scenario two, you figure that any deal you find out about is already too late. You figure the “insiders” get all the sweetheart deals and it’s probably much too good to be true. So you passed up the chance to buy Microsoft when it was $10 a share.

Another scenario occurs when you get offered a situation, you have confidence in yourself, you study it thoroughly and you make a sound decision.

There are other possible scenarios, but you get the idea. How you will react to it is determined almost entirely by your mindset. What you expect in life.

Some people are predisposed to think they will be wildly successful, some figure they will get by, and others expect the worst to happen. Your expectations will color how you view each situation you encounter, hundreds of times a day. That in turn will color how you act in each situation. And each one of those small, seemingly insignificant decisions determines your future.

It’s important to remember that your mindset and the expectations will be determined by the thoughts you give precedence to. James Allen equated your mind to a garden.

If you leave the garden uncultivated, whatever the wind blows in – plants, weeds or whatever is what grows there. If you consciously plant it, and cultivate it – you keep it weeded and grow the flowers, fruits, or vegetables you desire.

If you don’t screen out the kind of stuff I discussed earlier, those are the weeds that blow in and choke out your prosperous, healthy and happiness thoughts.

For more than 20 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy Gage is a modern day explorer in the field of body-mind development and personal growth. He is the author of the best-selling albums, Dynamic Development and Prosperity and director of . For more resources and to subscribe to Randy’s free ezine newsletters visit

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