by Dr. Joe Vitale

Someone recently posted a message saying that my style of copywriting, sometimes called emotional copy, only appeals to certain people, such as oppourtunity seekers. I beg to differ. And I have proof for my case.

First: Dan Poynter, my hero, mentor, and friend, has been conducting his weekend publishing seminars in his home for over ten years. He would send out copy written clearly and logically. His results were poor; he told me he struggled right up to the day of each seminar to fill the room. He hired me to write new copy. I did, and then had my friend Brocky Brown of PrintShack design a whole new layout for Dan’s brochure. The result was magic. My emotionally rich, actively written, packed with benefits copy caused Dan’s August seminar to sell out two months ago. And he’s already getting enrollees for his November seminar. (Ask Dan for a copy of the brochure.) The emotional copy, combined with brilliant design, created something remarkable.

Second: Accountants are considered stiff, cold, and logical, so few would dare to send them anything based on emotional appeal. But recently a firm in Texas sent out a six-page sales letter beginning with the words “I’M EXCITED!” The letter was rich with emotion and written very folksy. What did those stuffy accountants do? They signed up for the seminar the letter was selling, paid thousands of dollars each to attend it, and caused it to sell out.

Third: A year or so ago one of my clients decided to test me. He was selling an expensive software package to employment agencies, a very no-nonsense bunch. My client had me write one of my fiery letters, and he had his telemarketing department work-up a script. He then sent my letter to 20,000 prospects and had the tele-people call 20,000 other prospects. The result? I’ll let my client speak for me: “Joe’s sales letter did THIRTY TIMES better than our entire telemarketing department. I fired the phone people.”

As I say in my new book CyberWriting, people buy for emotional reasons and justify their purchase with logic. Every one — no exceptions — responds to well written, persuasive, emotionally based copy. Not everyone can write it, that’s why copywriters are often paid so much, but no one can escape its power.

Just something to think about….