by Maggy Whitehouse

For people working in spiritual or holistic businesses such as healing or Life Coaching, it can be tough putting on the marketing hat. You wouldn’t be in that line of business if you didn’t want to help people and, it’s most likely that you don’t feel all that comfortable with selling yourself.

But if you don’t let the world know who you are and what you do, you won’t be able to thrive and, if you don’t thrive, you can’t teach others to prosper either.

Remember, the goal in all good marketing is to serve human need notto exploit it

This is THE time for inspired businesses. People are looking for you.

These are the most common ‘holistic’ resistances to marketing:

  • It’s not spiritual/honest.
  • Once knew someone I found obnoxious as they marketed themselves. Thought ‘I won’t be like that.’
  • I don’t approve of famous people in holistic/spiritual field.

Own these resistances. Then you can deal with them. I was pig-sick jealous of a former colleague at an holistic health centre who became famous and wealthy. I was her counsellor for God’s sake! I knew at least as much as she did.

I just didn’t take the time or energy to let other people know. Why? Lack of self esteem. The woman in question was Australian and did not suffer from any false modesty!

It took me seven years to get to a level with her. Why? Because I had to learn everything that goes before in this article. I also had to learn some self-esteem.

Self Esteem for Holistic Marketeers

  • Decide who you are and what makes you and your business special.
  • Make smallness your biggest asset -‘the difference between a dinosaur and a jaguar.’
  • Set yourself a silly annual goal like testing out all the crème brulees in the country or seeing all the pre-Raphaelite paintings. If you have a life, you’ll resonate that in your business.
  • If people say you charge too much say: ‘My fee includes this, this and this…what do you want me to leave out?’
  • Remember, your fee is about the time you took to learn all this.
  • Drop the resentment (Bach Flower Remedy Willow!). If other people are doing better than you check out your own resistances to success. Good affirmation: ‘What God does for others, He now does for me – and more.’
  • Rekindle your passion for your therapy. Why did you get into it in the first place? The world doesn’t need any more bored therapists.
  • Becoming obsessive destroys passion. Don’t go for it 24/7.

Social World/Human nature responds to:

  • Passion.
  • Attention-getting devices – campaigns, special offers.
  • Sound-bites – attention spans are short.
  • Name of business – make it catchy.
  • Humour.
  • Repetition.

Mailing List

Start a customer newsletter including. quotations and articles. Give out for free whenever you can. Email is easiest. And send to radio stations, newspapers, TV too.

Start with the old favourite, the Tip Sheet: a concentrated list of 6-12 ideas around all aspects of your subject. E.g.

  • Ten practical uses for aromatherapy oils
  • Ten things you can do to help yourself with acupressure
  • Ten ways to relieve stress
  • Ten tips for a prosperous life

Establish Yourself as an Expert

  • Have feedback forms that can be used for testimonials on leaflets or your website.
  • Notice what magazines are writing about and how it pertains to you and suggest new angles.
  • Contact radio stations – ‘I’d love to talk to you about what I’m doing’ – most have slots for therapists/life coaches.
  • Letters to the Editor…read more than any other part of the paper. Positive letters WILL get published – whenever you see an article in your area of expertise, ADD TO IT with a letter. ‘Readers might also like to know that…Tell them why you’re commenting as an expert. ‘As someone who…I was delighted to read….I do the same…
  • Write for your association magazine.
  • Write columns for websites.
  • Articles, newsletters, conferences in our field. MBS etc.
  • CDs of meditations/tips/ideas to help people.
  • Become visible in your own community. Find physical and kindred spirits. Volunteer work…hospice? Prisons?

Holistic Marketing Must-Do’s:

  1. Set the example of your work – where is the benefit of what you have learnt to you yourself? Demonstrate that in the world.
  2. Get regular treatments yourself – or dose yourself with flower remedies, get swaps etc.
  3. Visualisation. Visualise the good effect of your work on dozens of people every day. That draws them just as fast as advertising.
  4. If you are a healer, send healing to your clients after their sessions too.
  5. Meditation. Spend at least two minutes a day visualising yourself where you want to be next year. Do this until you feel deep, pleasant emotion because then you are starting to manifest it.
  6. Use affirmations.e.g: ‘My work is loving, effective and much sought-after.’
  7. Prayer. Ask to be shown how to reach people – and what, if anything you need to amend.
  8. Address prosperity issues – to do with spirituality and wealth. Work out what your issues around finances and marketing are and do what you can to heal them.

In a nutshell – live your therapy or work. If it’s not working for you, why are you trying to sell it to somebody else?

Maggy Whitehouse has been teaching the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity for 15 years. She has out-faced an eight-foot barracuda, ridden on the back of a Bengal Tiger, run the BBC’s spirituality and holistic health website – and taught workshops world-wide. She is the author of the best-selling Living Kabbalah and Little Book of Prosperity. Subscribe to Maggy’s free monthly Prosperity Email Course by

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