Article by Terri Levine

“Most people are so unbalanced today that they aren’t even aware of it,” says Terri Levine, author of the best-selling book, “Work Yourself Happy.”

She has created a short quiz to help measure the degree of balance you have between the demands of work, family responsibilities and personal time. Answer each question with a number, with 5 being “always” and 1 being “never.”

Does your family complain that you don’t spend enough time with them?
Do you often feel anxious about the demands of your family?
Do responsibilities at home make you resentful?
Do you expect your family to adapt to your career needs?


Do you feel frustrated because your income is not enough?
Do you feel guilty about the time you spend on your career?
Do you resent having to bring work home?
Do you worry that your work interferes with family needs?


Do you feel there’s never enough time for yourself?
Do you feel guilty about taking a vacation?
Do you wish you got more exercise?
Do you feel you never get to do what you like to do?



A total score of less than 20 indicates you’ve learned to balance
family, career and personal needs successfully.

21-30 indicates a good balance with some need for improvement.
31-40 indicates a fair balance.
41-50 shows that you’re barely managing the juggling act of home, career and personal needs.

Want to get into balance fast? Begin by keeping a journal for 3-5 days of your current time allocation. Notice where you spending most of your time. Is your time being spent on your life values/priorities?

When you compare where you want to spend your time and where you are spending your time, don’t get discouraged. By learning and knowing this information you can now begin to make changes. This awareness has created for you what coaches call a “gap” – a difference between what you want and what you currently have.

Now, you have identified what you want and know your current situation. You can now begin to change your everyday actions to move you closer to what you desire.

If you want some help on your journey, a professional coach can assist you to build a balance between work, play and to create more joy in your life. Don’t live your life out of balance. Don’t let your life slip by with you saying “if only…”. Make a decision today to move you closer to what you want.

Terri Levine, author of “Work Yourself Happy” and “Coaching for an Extraordinary Life”

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