or service on the web in three simple steps

Article by Dan Seidman

Marketing experts like Jay Conrad Levinson, Joe Sugarman and Jay Abraham agree perfectly on one thing. The jumping off place for marketing yourself, product or service is to identify your exact potential buyer.

On the Internet, it’s fairly easy to locate watering holes where people interested in your topic gather to drink of the knowledge, experience and wisdom of their peers. Here are three strategic steps to take in your journey to sell on the Internet.

1. You will set up a free email account (go to hotmail.com or yahoo.com). Yahoo is best; you are given more space to use.

2. Sign up for all ezines that fit your business or consumer’s market, using this new account. This keeps your existing email account from becoming cluttered. You’ll find where to discover these newsletters at the web sites listed at the end of this article. Also subscribe to any newsletters that are offered by your competitors.

3. Read through these ezines each week to find out which ones are quality newsletters, who is writing articles for them and to find out how large each subscriber list is.

Now that you found them, what are some possible ways to get them to “discover” you – then buy your product or service?

Contact the best ezines to ask if the publisher would review your website or service. If you can convince the publisher to split revenues with you, be prepared to create a special page for readers to visit. For example, the page might be http://www.salesautopsy.com/sales-stories (assuming the ezine name is “Sales Stories”). Another option is to use software that monitors traffic. An inexpensive ($39) and highly effective tool is the Ultimate Ad Tracker, located at Ultimateadtracker.com.

Perhaps you can even submit your own articles, gaining exposure directly. Observe closely what other writers contribute to the ezines you are monitoring. A great way to leverage writers who are already contributing to these ezines is to email them and comment on their articles. Be sure to mention that their writing caught your eye because your expertise is in that business area and you respect their insights. These are also good potential strategic alliances. Visit these writers’ websites. Just begin to invest a little time communicating with others in your marketplace and you’ll find a herd of buyers.

And don’t forget to stop and enjoy the chance to sip from others as well. You just might be someone else’s buyer, too.

Here are the top places to find ezines in your topic of expertise:

The E-ZineZ Search Engine

The John Labovitz E-Zine List

The Ultimate Magazine Database

The Directory of Ezines from Lifestyles Publishing



The List

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