(written in response to 9-11)

by Gordon Davidson & Corrine McLaughlin

Inner Meditative Work

Begin by aligning with your higher self or soul.

Align with the soul or higher purpose of America.

Focus upwards the invocative cry of humanity to God for help and understanding and for healing.

See this invocation connecting with spiritual sources of Light, Love and Power, then linking with the Will of God.

Recognize a higher purpose outworking through this crisis, awakening humanity to the Divinity and value within all life.

See the astral (emotional) plane calming and stabilizing with light, love and peace shining through it, so that fear and anger may be transformed.

Hold open your heart to the human suffering from this attack, but also from the daily violence being suffered by many people in countries worldwide.

Send healing energy to the victims of the attack and their families, as well as to the heroic rescue and medical workers.

Visualize a flow of loving wisdom to humanity, as people around the world unite together and learn the deeper lessons from this tragedy.

See Americans recognizing the rights and destinies of all people in the world, and overcoming tendencies towards separateness, isolation and chauvinism.

Visualize Americans being guided by justice rather than revenge in their response to this attack, avoiding racial and religious bigotry and stereotyping.

Hold our leaders in the light, so that they may align with their highest selves and make decisions for the greatest good of humanity.

Visualize protection for the President, Congress and all branches of government.

Close with the Prayer for Our Nation and/or The Great Invocation (see attached).

Outer Practical Work

Watch or read the news with a new lens, reflecting on deeper questions:

a) Examine the inner, spiritual forces at work behind this crisis.

b) Note symbolism in the event.

c) Observe the spiritual lessons being learned:

Try to understand the meaning of the event by identifying with the participants.

Reflect on how these experiences are helping us open our hearts to greater compassion and love for humanity.

Explore how the event serves a larger purpose in human evolution.

Research the history and karma of the situation; seek to understand the deeper causes and longer cycles that have created this event.

Write, call or email your Congressperson and let him/her know your views about an appropriate response to this crisis.

Call in to talk shows, write articles, emails or letters to the editor – help shape public opinion by providing a compassionate and wiser understanding of what has occurred, helping others resist the desire for revenge, while promoting compassion and justice through international law.

Convene a citizen dialogue group and listen deeply and carefully to how different people are responding to this crisis. Ask the questions, “Why are people around the world so angry at the United States?” and “How can we change this?”

Refuse to become entrenched in a polarized position, yet stand for principles.

Work to find common ground.

Find the grain of truth, the positive intent in each position.

Use a whole systems approach — see how all issues are interconnected with other factors.

Explore the deeper causes, to create lasting, more effective solutions.

Include ethics and values in all discussions.

Build a higher synthesis of the wisest of all views.

Do one thing that symbolizes your commitment to humanity — join or contribute money or time to an organization that is effectively creating alternatives to retribution and war; volunteer your time to help the victims; donate blood, etc.

Focus on the positive and the best in humanity – Give attention, energy and support to everything that promotes greater harmony, compassion and justice in the world.

Adapted from Spiritual Politics: Changing the World From the Inside Out by Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin, Ballantine Books, 1994.

For information, contact: The Center for Visionary Leadership, 3408 Wisconsin Ave. NW Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20016; (202) 237-2800;cvldc@visionarylead.org. Website: www.visionarylead.org.

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