“Pups and Old-Timers” are Digging Up Marketing Success!

Article by Ray Hill

If both Young and Mature Folks are becoming Successful at Internet Marketing, Where does that Leave you? Do you want to Stake a Claim?

There is no middle ground for I-Net Success. It’s a Land-Rush for Cyber Space, and everyone is Invited. Get you’re Keyboard, Monitor, and don’t Forget the Hard Drive. Hey, they’re just tools!

Now, It’s true that Marketing Success appears to be Dominated by Young Blood, but why?

The answer is easier than most of us might imagine.

   1. Maturity creates Comfort Zones.
2. It also has a tendency to build walls of False Security.
3. We think we can’t learn this stuff.
4. Nice Hobby, but there’s No Money in it.
5. Where to we go for Startup Help.

Well, Maturity has much to offer. But let’s be honest. So does youth. And I’m going to give one example of how Youth and Maturity worked together and created Success in Internet Marketing. And this example shows only one of many ways to Succeed on the I-Net.

Do you remember being idealistic? Maybe you still are? Do you remember the excitement of daily life? Still do? Do you remember all of those First Times? Want to again? Well, maybe not all of them 🙂 Do you remember the challenges you conquered? There you are. That’s right! Want a Shot at Good Money? No kidding! 🙂

But how do you get there? No road is the same! Circumstances, experience, and age are different, and each of us are UNIQUE.

But there are Step-by-Step guidelines available.

Here’s a short story about my personal motivation. You might hear some familiar rings in it.

My success in I-Net Marketing was Gained by error, by poverty, and by Rock-Solid Information.

Yes, I was Blessed!

But, the Fact is, In the Beginning, .I “Hated” computers.

But, nearly everyday I was reminded. .Computers Are the Way of the Future. .Computer Skills Will Be Mandatory. .Be Online, or Be Inline.

Do you think I cared about those predictions, or the huge financial possibilities of BIG money, or the “Computer Gate Keeper’s” of the future!

Truth is, I didn’t give it much though! Now, you tell me, how crazy is that! Sounds NUTS doesn’t it? It was!!! Especially to the “Young & Restless” crowd.

Hey, the Young folks are ready to “Burn Rubber” on the I-Net Highway! Young Blood is smart. And I’ll prove it to you. But, I’ll also prove, .Old-Timer’s can learn new tricks!

They can also be Successful and Great Mentors!

Look, there’s quite an age gap between these young pups and me. Ha! If decades was mortar, and years were bricks, you could build a small Barbecue Pit with my years!

Now, wait a minute. I’m not as old as dirt, but it’s tough for me to stay up all-night and live FULL TIME on pizza.

The Point is:

a.) I’m not from the X-Generation. b.) I’m not a Top-Gun at Nintendo. c.) I’m not a Creative Website Visionary.

…But I’m not completely out of it either. I did like the movie”Matrix.” That counts! Ok, how about “The Net” with Sandra Bullock! Hmmm, .well. You’ll be happy to know, I-Net Marketing doesn’t require skills like that!

Listen Folks, when I started to seriously learn About computers, I thought:

1.) Copy and Paste meant to trace a picture, cut it out with scissors, and paste it on a letter.

2.) a Safelist was some VIP Code I had to break into.

3.) a. Search Engine was a type of Muscle-Bound Motor installed in Rescue Vehicles.

Even after learning the truth, I actually believed a Search Engine could bring “more” traffic to a site than a person could handle.

Is lack of information bliss or what? I can tell you this for a fact, it’s costly!

So, If I hated computer’s, how did I ever reach a Successful level in Marketing? Was I a total hypocrite? Nah, just close.

Have you ever talked out of both sides of your mouth? I did. One side encouraged our kids to stay up with the times. Learn, learn, learn, and learn more about computers.

But, as for me, I was just a Hay Seed Cowboy avoiding a Cyber-Tan!

So, what changed my spots? An Accident, so to speak.

Originally, I needed Bloodline info on some horses! Be nice now, this is a serious matter to me.

I learned to fill in the search box and hit the button. I got the Bloodlines, but I also got sidetracked. This cowboy went surfing without any guidance! That is dangerous on the internet.! Yes, it was Educational, Entertaining, Insightful, and at times, .shocking! Whoops!!!

Fortunately, I was just a part-time Cyber Jockey.

I had a real job, and a good one. Ever heard that one before? But, what happened?

You got it. The company closed the doors! Slam!! After 30-years in Human Services: Counseling, Law Enforcement, Education, .and Judicial Practice. I was on the street!

There’s a law against age discrimination Folks, but you know that, so we won’t labor over the point.

Hey, my kids had a computer. And I knew how to do a search. So, I did. I hit on every “Get Rich Quick Scheme” and “By-The-Pool” site I could afford. Even tried a few MLM deals. This ain’t the Yellow Brick Road! Not without proper guidance!

My Sweet Dreams started turning to Nightmares. But why? What happened?

Trust was a huge factor in my failure. I “Trusted” everyone. Mistake? Very Big!

But, I Refused to stop “Trusting”! .but I became Very Selective.

After all, there are different breeds of Marketers, Oceans have different currents, not all Vegetables are green, and not all I-Net Marketers are out to drive you to the “Loony-Tune” bin!

But I was SICK of all the hype!!! Can you guess what I did next? You’re right!

I made a list:

1. Separated
2. Categorized
3. Targeted.

Sometimes it was like chewing Beef Jerky, lots of flavor, but a true task! But I continued to chewed, grind, and chewed some more.

I walked in circles, had some sleepless nights, turned in applications, and paced like a race horse. After all, when you’ve been beat-up a few times, it can tend to make you a little Gun-Shy!

And still no job. We were losing our house!

Then, one day, as I was passing the mirror. I saw a stranger. Who was the guy standing there with no confidence?

Poor lost lamb. Pathetic! Not a nice revelation! And definitely not the guy I use to know as me!!!!

Ever been there?

By now, I had struggled for nearly a year, .to find direction, balance, and work!

That makes anyone feel very small, but I knew the truth! I had GREAT VALUE, and I was going to put that value Into ACTION!!!

My research HIT special areas:

1. Product

2. Quality

3. Dependability

4. Consistency

5. Experience

6. Results

7. Trust

8. .and Service

In front of me were the “Best of the Best”.

I prayed, went Straight to the Computer, pulled up my Favorites list, and wrote directly to Andrew Fox.

Now listen Folks. Andrew Fox is a 20-year old I-Net Marketing genius. And I was very far from being either of those. Remember the Barbecue Pit?

And the FACT is, Andrew Fox had accomplished what I had not: “Success on the NET”!

The rest is history. And the Future is Bright! Now, I do have a real job, and a Great one! I am successful at I-Net Marketing, and help Others get their own Startup moving.

Andrew Fox, Lawrence Pryor, Terry Dean, Lee Benson, Frank Garon, Jimmy Brown, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, and many more, have taught me lessons on how to “Wisely” jump the fence. Or as some “Young Bloods” might say, “Get Outside the Box”!

Each if these guys are very successful Pioneers, and constantly mapping new Opportunities. These are the guys to trust.

Andrew Fox was very quick to make sure I understood, Overnight Millionaires and Beds of Roses is an Internet Fairy Tale!

The fact is, Most Millionaires become Millionaires, Inside their head, before the cash ever reaches their bill fold or purse. No Silver Spoons, just a Golden approach to Success.

Let me share three (3) things he taught me right off the bat.

a.) Ignore the Hype! These get rich schemes will only cost you time, money, and dishearten you.

b.) Learn from Proven Names: Dean, Rudl, Silver, Fox, Pryor, Vitale, Garvin. Just to name a few! Put these guys in your library, or at least, work with someone that does. These Guys know what they’re talking about.

c.) Dedication and Perseverance! You must realize it is going to take a while. But within 3-months of solid work, you will see your future opening up. (I know that I did!)

These are the facts folks. And the truth is, Young Blood or not, We can each succeed. History matters, but you determine the future.

You can Build the Future You Want: Step-by-Step, and Stone-by-Stone, but don’t waste time surfing for a dream. It’s dangerous and costly! Work with dependable and trust worthy folks. Age is not a factor, but Success, Willingness, and Experience is.

And there is one standing rule. When you get there, remember To help others do the same.

Ray Hill is an I-Net Marketer, I-Net Trainer, and Writer. He offers FREE Startup Advice to New Internet Marketing Companies, and a Free Newsletter. His EBOOK, “Internet Bull Rider” .the blood, the guts, and the Cyber-Chips, will be published and released by February 14, 2001. He can be contacted at: www.FreedomScout.com

As an added note Ray told me anybody may feel free to use the above article in their own E-Zine or on their Website as long as the authors bio is included.

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