by Dr. Joe Vitale

“Write a book? Me? Are you kidding?”

No, I’m not. Besides being the most powerful marketing tool around, here are three reasons why you ought to consider writing a book: Fame, Fortune, and Immortality.


After I wrote The Seven Lost Secrets Of Success, people asked me to speak on success in business. Now that I’ve written a book on advertising, I get asked to talk and write about advertising (that’s how I came to write this column). Why? The world bows to experts. Write a book and you’re considered the authority on that subject.

This fame helps your business, too. Look at Harvey MacKay, author ofSwim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive. Who ever heard of him — or his envelope company — before he wrote his block-buster?


Book publishing is a mega-business these days. Over 1,000 titles are published every week; about 50,000 a year. Somebody is making money. Why not you?

James Fixx, author of The Complete Book Of Running, the bestseller that sent people in shorts to sweat through the streets, made over $500,000 from book sales. He made yet another $500,000 from all the speaking engagements he did as a result of being a rich and famous author. Not bad. And not too unusual. One of my clients just received a $300,000 advance for his first book. He’s only 25.


When I finished writing The Joy Of Service for Ron McCann, I looked at him and said, “Ron, do you realize we created a miracle?” He had no idea what I meant. “This book is going to live beyond us,” I explained. “It will go into the world and move people. It will inspire people in ways we’ll never know. That’s a miracle.”

Wait! There’s more.

Your book also becomes a networking tool that is far more powerful than any business card. As an author, I’ve received business from India, Ireland, Germany, and Africa, yet I’ve never been to any of those countries.

Your book doesn’t have to be War and Peace. My best selling “book” isTurbocharge Your Writing! — and it’s only 22 pages! The content of that winner can fit on two sides of one sheet of paper, yet the book is now in its eighth edition.

Not a writer? J. Paul Getty hired a ghostwriter. Trump and Iaccoca hired coauthors. You don’t have to write the book yourself. Just don’t hire a budding novelist. Hire a pro.

I recommend you self-publish your book, and then sell it direct to your current customers. Host an autograph party at your place of business. And remember to send press releases to the local media.

Being a businessperson with a book may be the most powerful marketing tool on the face of the Earth. If you don’t believe me, ask the business tycoons who already have books available — if you can get them on the phone!