The Two Most Powerful Practical Spiritual Principles I’ve Learned from Millionaires, that Will Totally Change Your Life!

Article by Coach Don

I’ve had the honor and opportunity to spend some time with some very financially and spiritually enlightened people(my opinion on the latter quality, but obvious on the first one!), and have walked away richly touched and moved to alter how I “do business” in both my personal and my business life as a result.

In listening to these wonderful people talk, and observing how they handle their realities, two very distinct and powerful traits came to my attention that I believe, if applied to your life, will make such a change that in a short time all your dreams could be well on their way to fulfillment. I don’t say that lightly, I really have been hit by these two Spiritual Principles and their power. I believe, no I know, you will be too, if you allow your Self to really take them to heart and soul.

Principle Number 1: Get On With It!

Simple, but so right on. “Get On With It!” spells it out exactly as I felt it when I watched these Spiritual Millionaires in their actions. They didn’t hesitate to move on ideas, connections with others, saying what they think in conversations, giving their opinions, and responding to situations that called for action in order to keep momentum going.

Do you get the power of what this Principle is about? I did, when I finally opened up to seeing what was happening right in front of me. “Get On With It!” Don’t hesitate, take action. Contemplation is fine, for figuring out what to do. And, if you’re sitting waiting for something to happen, doing other “important” tasks rather than those that you know (C’mon, you know, of course you do!) will produce the results you desire, then “Get On With It!” is a habit that you desperately need to cultivate in order to get to where you want to be! Waiting will not do it!

Trust me on this one, I’ve waited for Gudeau forever, and he never showed up!

It’s time to “Get On With It!”, trust your intuition, your sense of knowing what the next step is, and take action. We often wait for the “feeling to be right” first, before we take the action we know will bring us satisfaction. That’s backwards! The feelings of satisfaction, self-esteem, belonging, personal actualization and contribution only come from ACCOMPLISHMENT, not from pondering and procrastinating. (You knew that one, too, didn’t you?!)

I watched these Spiritual Millionaires, one after another, take immediate action, in integrity, and I saw tremendous results come into their lives. I then put this into practice for my Self, and immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, I got results! I recently sent out a free offer via email to participants from a seminar on spirituality and business I attended, two days after returning from the seminar. Within five minutes I got a phone call from a participant living in Europe, who’d returned home, got my email, and immediately called me for the offer! Five minutes, from halfway around the world! I hadn’t had time to shut my email off and walk downstairs!

So, “Get On With It!” Now. Today. You’ll be glad you cultivated this skill. I promise.

Principle Number Two: Act As If….

“Act As If…” is about trusting that you know what is right for you, you’re capable of handling it when it comes to you, and you’re putting out the intention for what you truly desire. I’ve seen the power of being absolutely clear on my intentions for my life: They come true! They have for me, and I watched the Spiritual Millionaires as their intentions came to reality for them as well.

And, being clear on my intentions is a good first step. A more powerful and life changing step is to “Act As If…” those intentions are ALREADY here, now. Not dishonestly, or outside of your integrity. But, to feel it, sense it, imagine how you’re going to “show up” in various situations of your life once your dreams do come to reality. And then, “Act As If…” your intentions are reality, now. Why wait to have fun, to hold your Self tall, to laugh and live lightly?

“Act As If…” is about being willing to play in the sandbox with the other kids, and not hold back! It’s about taking your shot in the basketball game, not being afraid others will not like you. It’s about loving your friends or partner, unabashedly, audaciously, joyfully. Waiting, again, brings you one thing–more waiting.

I saw the Spiritual Millionaires “Act As If…” in all their creativity, being willing to try on new ideas, new connections, and revel in the sheer fun of it! I watched them step into spaces of discomfort, and reveal aspects of their lives that take courage to share, and do it with grace and style. I was touched in my heart by their example of who they are, and I knew, as I think you know, that they were as scared to take those steps as you and I are when we’re faced with the choice of standing up for who we are in each moment of Self Declaration.

If there is something that you’re longing for in your life, and have been waiting for the ripples of this desire to push you to be who and what you dream of being, try to “Act As If…” it’s already here. It will lock your intentions into reality, and you will find opportunities open that you never would have even seen if you hadn’t done so.

So “Act As If…”. Make it be, for you, right now.

Try these two Spiritual Principles on today, and email me with the results. Don’t wait, try it now, in the next moment, and see how it works for you.

I look forward to hearing from you on the results!

Coach Don McAvinchey, known as “America’s Spiritual Coach”, can be reached at 1-877-895-3663 or via e-mail at

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