Where to Send Your News Releases for Best Results

by Dr. Joe Vitale

As I’ve said many times before, the media desperately wants news. About 80% of what you see in the papers and on TV was planted by people like you and me who wanted publicity.

You can’t send out self-serving announcements and expect media coverage, however. You have to hunt for the news angle, and then send out a riveting release conveying your news angle to the appropriate media. Having said that, here are four places to send out your release using the Internet as your broadcast tool:

1. If you have business or financial news, post your news release athttp://www.businesswire.com.

When I placed a release at this site about a former IBM salesman who wanted to reveal big blue’s sales methods, my client’s phone rang off the hook for three days straight! When I finally got him on the phone—for only a few seconds—he said, “Joe, you’re doing a terrific job for me!” He didn’t know I hadn’t really done anything. The Internet did it.

Keep in mind that this site posts hundreds of news releases every day. If your release isn’t about business, you may get no results. I once posted a release here about a singer, and she didn’t get any calls. Her news wasn’t appropriate. It wasn’t business or financially related. The cost for Business Wire is about $500.

2. If you’ve got more general news, use http://www.prnewswire.com.

One of my clients posted a news release here, about his research on jobs of the future, and he ended up on several radio and television talk shows. Again, this is another large news bureau online that postshundreds of news releases every day. Yours has to be good to stand out in the crowd.

Also, like the site above, this site lists all of the news releases byheadline only. If someone gets intrigued by your headline, they click on it and can then see the rest of your news release. Again, your headline is a turning point. It’s as essential as a headline on an ad. Work on your headline, and your news angle, to be sure it is something the media will consider news. The cost for PR News Wire is about $300.

3. If you want to e-mail your news directly to the media, you can buy a list of e-mail addresses from Direct Contact at 1-800-457-8746. They publish what is called The U.S. All Media E-Mail Directory. It is a stunning resource. You can learn more about this publication online at http://www.owt.com/dircon.

What you do is write a news release, and then select the media you want to send your release to. You then simply email your release to your chosen audience. That’s it. It’s quick and easy. Let me give you an example or two of how powerful this can be:

When I wanted to promote my last book, CyberWriting: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (without being flamed)($19.95, AMACOM), I wrote a news release about how to not get hate mail when doing business online. I then send that release out, by email, using this directory. Almost overnight my publisher received two hundred requests for review copies of my book. This is staggering. Often the media doesn’t ask to see more than five books. The fact that 200 editors showed interest—and showed it overnight—is amazing. (For the record, my book went on to become a bestseller at http://www.amazon.com, Earth’s biggest bookstore.)

Here’s another example that ought to get your attention:

When Pam Henderson wanted to promote her web site, The Fabric Link, she was getting maybe 20 visits at her site daily. She sent out a news release by email, the press picked it up, and her site suddenly got three-quarters of a million visitors the next month!

The cost for The U.S. All Media E-Mail Directory is about $99. It’s well worth it. They will also email your news releases to the media for you, so you don’t have to do it, for only $100 a release. Very cool. (I am now using this service to promote my new book, There’s A Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum’s Secrets to Business Success.)

4. One of my favorite new approaches to getting publicity using the Internet is at http://www.imediafax.com.

This one is amazing. Paul Krupin runs it. (He also put together the email directory mentioned in number three, above.) He invented it after doing a survey of all the media and discovering that 80% of all editors prefer to receive their news releases on paper, not by phone or email. While they don’t mind emailed releases, they still prefer paper ones. So what Paul did was create a way to use the Internet to send your news release to him, by email, and then he sends it by fax to the media you select.

Let me explain:

First of all, this site is gigantic. It contains 11,000 magazines, 1,500 daily newspapers, 5,700 weekly newspapers, 400 news services and syndicates, 1,300 broadcast TV stations, 1,800 broadcast TV shows, 1,200 cable TV stations, 1,050 cable TV shows, 6,200 AM and FM radio stations, and more than 2,700 radio talk shows.


Second, what you do here is select the media you want to hit. The first two sites listed above simply list your news releases at their site. The people who visit those sites will get to see the headline on your release. They have to GO there. And if your headline intrigues them, they have to CLICK on it to see your entire release. But Paul’s site SENDS OUT your release DIRECTLY to the media YOU pick.

Are you with me on this?

You go to http://www.imediafax.com.. You pick the category you want to hit—radio, TV, newspapers, or whatever. Then you select the kind of media you want to hit—business, entertainment, cooking, reviewers, whatever. Then you can select the state you want, or anything else. In other words, you can hand select your own media list!

Once you have done this, you simply email your news release to Paul. His service then immediatly FAXES your news release to everyone you selected. The result is the media gets the release on paper, the way they prefer it, instantly.

And the cost is only 25 cents a page!

In my opinion, Paul’s new service makes the wisest use of the Internet for distributing your news to the media. You go online, pick your targeted audience, and let the site fax your news out. Talk about using leading edge technology to get results!

And Paul’s willing to help you fine tune your release as well as your media list so you get the best results! (He’s at 1-800-457-8746. His e-mail is dircon@owt.com. Tell him I sent you.)

Summing Up

1. The media wants news. They are virtually desperate for it.

2. You must give them a news story—not an ad, not hype, not self-serving words. News.

3. You can use any of the four ways listed above to deliver your news to the media via the Internet. All are cost-effective. All work. Pick what is appropriate for you.

Go for it!