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How to Attract A New Car Audio Series





Your Bonuses As Promised...

1. You’ll get the PDF e-book of a rare book on how to “command” what you want from the universe. It’s called At Your Command and may have been the first book ever published by Neville Goddard. As far as I know, I own the only known copy of this book in existence. (I bid $1,500 and paid over $500 for this book on eBay.)

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2. You’ll also get to hear a rare audio of the deceased mystic who taught people how to “Nevillize” their goal. Neville Goddard was a genius at explaining the laws of the universe. You’ll hear his actual voice from one of his live talks from 1960. Note: The sound quality is low but you’ll understand him.

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3. You’ll also get a PDF e-book containing rare 1948 lessons by Neville on how to manifest things in your life. (I paid $100 for an original private edition of this on eBay.)

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4. You’ll get to hear “Cup of Joe,” an intimate question and answer session with me, where people asked me personal and professional questions about marketing, the Internet, my huge weight loss, The Attractor Factor, and more. I revealed things here I never told anyone in public before, ever. I also explain “Karmic Surgery” (yagnas) for the first time anywhere. I also explain the problem with traditional manifesting methods, etc. This is a collectible audio experience you’ll truly love.

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5. You’ll also get to hear a members-only audio interview with me where I reveal my early history, what I do to stay passionate, and how to achieve effort-free living. This audio is for members only of a London based group of high-achievers, but it’s yours when you invest in my system today.

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6. You’ll also get to hear a recent private audio interview with me where I coached some people to go for their dreams. I also explain why Freud was wrong, and much more.

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7. You’ll get several surprise extra bonuses, as well. These include a Special Report on How to Buy a New Car. You’ll find all these, and more, as you read the transcripts or listen to the audios of the calls on How to Attract a New Car.

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