"What a great book! Being a guy, I've always wondered what the big deal about make-up was. Now I think I understand.

"Marian's book is not only filled with tips and insights, but with a disarming honesty and a contagious passion as well. I can't imagine any woman who loves make-up that wouldn't learn from and relate to this book."

Blair Warren

"What I liked about this book is that each page lets the reader know that 'I Am Beautiful.' It raises your self-esteem. It lets you know that each person is unique, that you don't have to follow the latest trends in order to look or feel beautiful.

"I liked the part about taking one aspect of a trend and using it, instead of taking the entire package. It makes me more comfortable and open to experimenting with color."

Susana Perez

"I just finished your book and I love it. I copied down some of your favorite shadows and lippies and plan to check them out since our coloring is similar. :)"

Laura Gaggini
Tarentum, PA

You deserve to look and feel beautiful, because you are! I used these words in the subtitle of my book, "An Adventure in Makeup and Beauty" because I want you to know that you and life are an adventure, and feeling and looking beautiful is a wonderful, spiritual part of you and life.

I've been in love with makeup since I was a little girl. Since so many women (and yes, men too!) come up to me and ask for my advice on make-up and beauty, I decided to write my own little book about what I have learned, and how I feel make-up and beauty can be a new beginning, not only physically, but spiritually as well. When you feel good about yourself, your inner light illuminates and attracts the light in others, so you begin a cycle that cannot be shadowed. You become a gift to yourself and everyone you touch in your life.

My book is quick and easy. It is short and sweet. It is a PDF file you can read right on your screen.

What would you like to know?

  • What are the different foundation choices out there, and which one or more is right for you?

  • What is the secret to wearing any shade of eye shadow you want?

  • How can you get the intensity of eyeliner if you
    don't want the "drag" of an eye pencil?

  • How can beauty and makeup start you on your own personal journey of beautiful self-esteem?

Here is a free tip to start you off: Apply a layer of loose powder right beneath your eyes and over your cheeks, and let your eye makeup be the *first* thing you apply, not the last. When you are happy with your eyes, simply wipe away the powder with a cotton pad or foam makeup sponge beginning at the nose in an up and outward motion. This removes any sprinkles of eye shadow color that have fallen beneath your eyes during application, and gives you a smooth start to your foundation!

The cost of "Face It - You're Beautiful"? A tube of lipstick, a pan of eyeshadow. The value? Priceless. For $7.00 the e-book is yours within seconds.

Just click here to get it.

The L'Oreal hair color ads say "You're Worth It." I say, "You deserve to know your own worth."

After all, face it - you're beautiful!


Marian Vitale

P.S. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy, you can have an immediate refund. I want you smiling with joy!