by Dr. Joe Vitale

Someone wrote me a nice letter recently, thanking me for my books, but also taking the time to tell me she was “put off” by my use of hypnosis in marketing. She said it removed choice from people. She thought it was evil.

Since you may be thinking the same thing, let me point out a few things:

1. Hypnosis never removes choice.

You can’t be made to do something under hypnosis that you didn’t already want to do while fully awake. For proof, just ask yourself if you buy everything I offer. Probably not. Yet I’m the father of Hypnotic Writing. Obviously, you used your power of choice to buy or not, despite any “hypnosis” in my marketing.

2. Hypnosis is not evil.

It is used by dentists, doctors, and psychologists to help people get more of what they want out of life. It’s been sanctioned by the American Medical Association since the 1950s. Anyone still thinking hypnosis is evil is caught up in a cultural myth, which is a kind of trance all by itself.

So what is hypnosis?

My definition of hypnosis is anything that holds your attention. A good movie, or book, is a type of hypnosis. So is a good sales letter, or sales pitch, or infomercial. I’m not talking about manipulating minds, I’m talking about entertaining them.

  • Brittney Spears is pretty hypnotic.
    But not everyone buys her music. (I don’t.)
  • Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code”, is pretty hypnotic.
    But not everyone buys his books. (I don’t.)
  • Harry Potter has much of the world in a trance.
    But not everyone buys the books. (I don’t.)

Bottom-line: Hypnosis is just another tool. It does not control people and it does not give God-like powers to anyone. In marketing, it gives you an edge, but if you use it to try to sell a lousy product, it won’t help you at all.

Kevin Hogan, hypnosis trainer and author of several books, including, “The Psychology of Persuasion,” says, “Hypnosis makes life better in most every way. It gives a salesperson or marketer a decided advantage over the competition but not over the client.”

You want to learn hypnotic writing and hypnotic marketing because it helps you get and hold attention. It also makes you a much better communicator.

After all, if you aren’t getting attention, and you aren’t holding it, you aren’t doing any selling, are you?

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