Everywhere I Stick My Nose I Make Money

Or, How to Turn Personal Experiences Into E-Books

by Dr. Joe Vitale

One day Bill Hibbler challenged me to write an article titled, “How to Turn Personal Experiences Into E-Books.”

Bill had been present when Pat O’Bryan walked in one day and jokingly said he wanted to write a book about the myth of passive income. I didn’t think it was funny. I thought it was a product. That became http://www.mythofpassiveincome.com

Same thing happened thirty years ago when someone in one of my writing classes said they didn’t4 have time to write a book. That lead to me teaching a seminar on how to write your own book in six days. And that led to the bestselling e-book Jim Edwards and I have out at http://www.7dayebook.com

Months ago Amy Janota came to visit me. She had no idea how to make any money online but heard I had been doing it. As we talked, I heard that she had taught herself how to play the guitar in two days. I recognized a product. She turned that into an e-book. Someone later bought the rights to it from her for $10,000. See http://www.strippeddownguitar.com

When Nerissa and I bought cute James Bond like gadgets that could take video, photos, and audios, and I had no idea what to do with mine, I told her to write a book on 101 ways to use your camcorder. It’s now at http://freevideoediting.com/camcorder.html

When Scott Lewis and I were sharing our excitement for the glitter and gold of Las Vegas, I suggested we write a book about their marketing secrets. It’s now at http://www.impulseinternetmarketing.com

When my late ex told me she wanted to find a way to get more money into her life, I thought about her love for make-up. I urged her to write a little e-book on the subject. She did. It’s still for sale at http://www.mrfire.com/beauty.html

I could go on and on. I see opportunities everywhere. People who hang around me for even an hour often walk away with an e-product idea I spotted.

For example, one night we had dinner with a musician and a writer. The musician just wanted to write music. The writer just wanted to write children’s stories. They didn’t see a match, let alone a product.

“Why don’t you combine and create a multi-media e-book for kids?” I asked. “She writes the story and you write the music. Kids can play it on their computers, reading, listening to music, and turning the pages with a click.”

His eyes bulged and he said, “How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Come up with that idea.”

“I see them everywhere,” I said.

And I do. Whenever someone says they have a problem, I hear an opportunity. When people complained about having to type their emails, I found a programmer and created software that lets you speak and send your emails. It’s at http://www.SpeakandSend.com

I’m not special. I used to not come up with ideas. But now I see them all the time. I’m like the famous old headline that said, “Everywhere I stick my nose, I make money!”

So what happened to me?

All I did was decide to be alert for ideas. I started to read about people who came up with ideas. I started to pay attention to other people’s products. And I made up my mind to turn on the inner radar. Since ideas are being spoken all the time, not blatantly but as disguised conversations, all I had to do was LISTEN.

This very article is an example of what I mean. Bill Hibbler challenged me to write this, and I did. It’s yet another writing that came from direct life experience.

I then turned around and challenged Bill. I dared him to write the world’s first ultimate guide to writing, selling and making a profit with e-books. He did. This is the biggest and best guide ever created on how to write and market your own e-book. If you want to finally get your own e-book out there, this is the e-book that shows you how to do it. It’s at http://www.create-ultimate-ebooks.com/

Here’s another example:

Prolific author and famous guitarist Pat O’Bryan went to his list and asked them what their problems were when it came to creating e-books. He then sat down with me, addressed every question his list sent to him, and turned our answers into another e-product, this time an audio one. You can read about it at http://www.ebookproblemsolver.com

And here’s my final example for today:

Pat recently became interested in persuasion. He began reading about it, and then discovered that many people are so new that what he was learning was new to them. So he turned his recent education into yet another e-product. Again, this is turning personal experience into e-products. See http://hop.clickbank.net/?outrageous/influence1

You can do this, too. Turn on your mental radar. Become an idea detective. Stop hearing complaints and start hearing opportunities. They are everywhere.

Look – There’s one right now.

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