by Dr. Joe Vitale
July 18th, 2013

The Secret of a Secret Movie Star

From Homeless to Bestselling Author to Movie Star to Healing Musician

by Mathes Jones

          There’s a natural order and sequence to life that, as humans, we all understand: Night follows day. Crawl before walking. Grapes into wine. Rags to riches. Author turns movie star turns #1 rated singer/songwriter. You know, that kind of thing.
Wait – “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?”
Actually, it’s who, not what, and the answer is Dr. Joe Vitale, the world’s first self-help singer-songwriter.
It’s hard to know what Vitale is best known for – his 50+ books, his role in the hit movie, “The Secret,” or the three Grammy winners he attracted for one of the six albums (The Healing Song) he’s produced in only two years.
Oh, did I mention that a mere three years ago he could only strum a few chords on the guitar and had never written a song – much like Paul McCartney and John Lennon who were just learning songwriting afterthey became the Beatles?
That’s definitely not the nice, neat, orderly progression we expect of typical humans. But Vitale is hardly typical. He lives in a world that looks much different than most of ours. Essentially, he lives – and sings – what he teaches.
Most (but not all) of his books and writings are in the self-help field, and he’s landed a mass of bestsellers, including The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits. His forthcoming book, The Remembering Process, is currently being published by the world’s leading self-help publisher, Hay House, and is due out in April 2014. His co-author is his music producer, Daniel Barrett.
Vitale sounds like a man on fire with a mission, and it’s undoubtedly where his moniker, Mr. Fire, comes from ( The truth is he is on a mission, showing the world how to use music to tap into our mind and body’s natural ability to heal.
He calls it Healing Music.
While Vitale has a fascinating backstory of homeless to multi-millionaire (he’s no one-hit wonder), it’s his rise to stardom as a singer-songwriter that’s so compelling today.
Just how does a person succeed wildly in all these different genres?
Perhaps it’s because he’s a gifted communicator, a necessary and common denominator in books, film, and songwriting. Having spent a lifetime learning, applying, and sharing ancient wisdom and current technologies for self-improvement, he’s an expert in teaching people how to clear limiting beliefs that keep them from pursuing the things they really want.
But if you ask me, it’s something else that’s behind his success – something Vitale refers to as divine inspiration.
“The whole point of personal growth is to clear any negative, limiting beliefs and gain access to your Divine self,” explains Vitale. The great goal is to be so clear that when Divinity speaks through you, you don’t think, hesitate, or second guess about a call to take action. You just do it because there’s no interference from the conscious mind thinking, ‘Oh, should I do it? Am I the one? Do I have the money? Do I have the experience? Do I have the time? What do my neighbors think? What do my parents think?’
Vitale is an example of everything he teaches and sings in his songs. He takes his inspirations seriously. A believer in fast, immediate action, he’s famous for the saying, “Money likes speed.” And this attitude has clearly worked for him – taking him from zero to voted as #1 singer-songwriter by Reverbnation (in March 2013) in two years.
“When I decided to be a songwriter three years ago, I had thoughts like, ‘I’m not a songwriter or singer. I can’t do that.’ One of my teachers, famed singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard, asked me, ‘Where’s the proof? Where’s the proof you can’t do that?’ When he said that, I thought, ‘My God, he’s right. I have no evidence whatsoever that I can’t sing, play the guitar, record music, or write my own song. There’s no evidence!’”
“And I did, in fact, prove myself wrong. Little did I know in the beginning that inspiration would move through me so fast I’d not only complete my very first CD (Blue Healer) in just two months, but play as many as seven instruments for it – including a very rare 1915 Gibson Harp Guitar.”
Given Vitale’s success as a self-help and spiritual teacher, both in his own life and in his work with others, it’s natural that this rock-blues loving guy would take the music world by storm – bringing his thousands of fans into a new awareness of music’s healing power.
Music’s ability to heal is not a new concept. Its power has been storied in ancient text for thousands of years of recorded history, and today is well documented in medical research, which  Vitale describes in his new ebook, Healing Music: The Miraculous Power of Positive Music to Uplift, Relax, Transform, Awaken, and Rejuvenate.
Vitale brings music to a new level, one accessible to everyone, whether at home, working out, or traveling. Each album he writes, sings, and records has a certain emphasis and intention, a particular therapeutic use and result – because, as he says, “Intention is a key driver in healing of any kind, and it matters in music, too, from the person who created it to the person listening.”
Using certain types of beats and tempos known to affect the mind and body positively, along with positive messages to uplift a sagging spirit, his eclectic music style is as wide and varied as his range of success. We’re talking sheer passion, not elevator music – everything from soothing to down home stomping fun, like his standout song, “You Gotta” (on his recent singer-songwriter album, Sun will Rise).
Whoever said a little fun can’t hurt you was only partially right – it can heal you. And Vitale’s music is proof of it. “The idea behind healing music like mine is to allow the high vibration of inspired music to work on you. That’s the basis for the healing.”
Being the world’s first self-help, singer-songwriter has its privileges. He’s attracted some of the music industry’s finest, including Glenn Fukunaga (Robert Plant), drummer Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh) and Grammy award winner David Darling to perform and record with him. He’s also recorded two instrumental albums with accomplished guitarist Mathew Dixon. It’s no longer a secret that like attracts like.
According to Vitale, becoming a self-help musician was simply the next step. He got the call, so to speak, and, true to form, acted quickly on that divine inspiration. And it’s this instinct that’s so inspiring to the rest of us.
When asked about his meteoric path, he says, “In a world of all possibilities, there’s only one thing that can stop you…your own mind. Fortunately, you can change that. You can expand your own capacity to receive all the good things in life.”
From the outside looking in, Vitale does make quantum leaps look like natural evolution, gliding seamlessly from one successful reality to another. Hmm, maybe there is something to that healing music.


Joe Vitale’s Albums:

“Blue Healer”
“The Healing Song”
“Aligning to Zero” (with Mathew Dixon)
“AT Zero” (with Mathew Dixon)
“Sun Will Rise”

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