How To Get Whatever You Want in 2007

by Dr. Joe Vitale

What’s the secret to getting what you want this holiday (or any time in 2007)?

I’ll tell you in a minute.

Suzanne, my assistant, urged me to tell you what I want for Christmas. She said it might inspire you to think big and to make a mind stretching list of your own.

While I don’t really need anything at all — which is the perfect place to be to manifest whatever you want — listed below are some items I’d welcome into my life on Christmas Day, or my birthday (December 29th, in case you’re into astrology), or any time in 2007.

Disclaimer: These are not in any particular order and I’d end each of them with the tag line, “This or something better.”

* As much as I love Francine, I’d love to have a sister for her. I understand the Panzo auto company can make a Panoz Esperante GTLM in any color, including a non-painted reflective metallic alloy. I’d either want that, or one in purple (my favorite color). Or both.

* We loved our trip to Warsaw, Poland so much that we want to go back, and this time for a half a month or more. The people, the food, the sites, were astonishing. A couple of Business Class tickets on Polish Airlineswould be welcome.

* I’d love to own the mansion in San Clemente, California I found online. The master bedroom alone is 2,000 square feet. I’m pretty sure I could stretch out in it. The place is spectacular. The view is heavenly. And it’s closer to Maui than Texas.

* I always welcome and always love Amazon gift certificates. You can buy them in values up to $5,000, and you can always get more than one.

* Dinner with Lindsay Lohan. (And she buys.)

* Anything cool and rare associated with the Panoz Auto Company. Melanie Panoz sent me a leather jacket with the Panoz crest on it. That counts as cool and rare. But I understand there is Panoz luggage and other goodies I haven’t been able to find online yet.

* A box of Montecristo #1 Cuban cigars. Note: This should come off the list because a grateful reader just sent me a comparative box of cigars today. See how quickly this manifesting stuff works when you don’t need it to work? I haven’t even posted this list yet and I’m already receiving items on it.

* Panoz Racing School. This one excites me and terrifies me. The Panoz company has an official racing school, as well as a winery and chateau. I want to go there and experience all of it.

* I’d love to interview Sir Richard Branson for one hour for my Hypnotic Gold members. Or Sir Richard can interview me, if he prefers.

* I’d love my own hit television show. It’s a little unfair to list it here, as several people are already planning to create a show for me. Ever since I was on Larry King Live and of course in the movie, The Secret, people want to see more of my beads and/or purple shirt. I’ll make my desire to have my own TV show public by leaving it on this list.

There you have it. My top ten wants.

Of course, I also want peace on earth, but I know it begins with me. That’s why I’m writing my new book, Zero Limits , with Dr. Hew Len. It will explain all of this in depth. (Look for it Summer, 2007.)

Finally, what I really want is to be happy in this moment , where the magic and miracles happen. Stay in the moment and all gifts are added as you breathe and take inspired action.

So, what’s the secret to getting what you want?

You should know by now.

Not needing it.

You want to be in a place of peace.

You want to be grateful.

You want to be able to truthfully say — as my friend Bootzie in Maui says — “I’m totally satisfied, I just want more!”

When you would welcome it but you don’t need it, you begin to attract it.

It all begins by being happy right now.

And you don’t need anything to be happy right now.

Ao Akua,


PS – What do you want for the holiday or the new year? As I explained in my book, The Attractor Factor, just writing a list starts the process of manifesting everything on it. Well, if you could have anything, what would you want? Write it down. Anything is possible, you know. Dream big. Dare something worthy. Go for it. Tip: You might watch the movie The Secret again, and then write your list. Have fun.

PPS – If you need help with this process, consider the amazing new subliminal DVD on love and forgiveness described at and/or my Miracles Coaching®program described at

PPPS — Expect miracles! Happy Holidays!

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