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“There’s a movie ‘The Secret.’ If a person would keep watching it over and over again they will reprogram their mind.”

“The best thing I have seen in 45 years is the DVD on ‘The Secret’.

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The Power of Positive Thoughts

Aired November 2, 2006 – 21:00 ET


LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight,unhappy with your love, your job, your life, notenough money? Use your head. You can thinkyourself into a lot better you. Positive thoughtscan transform can attract the good things you knowyou want. Sound far-fetched? Think again. It’ssupported by science.

Ahead, an hour that can change the way you thinkabout the world and alter your life forever. It’snext on LARRY KING LIVE.


KING: Good evening.A special edition of LARRY KING LIVE tonight;we’re calling the program beyond the power ofpositive thinking, how to change your life, how touse the power of your imagination, and mine, tocreate what you want in your life.

Our guests can help you do that. They are BobProctor, who went from high school dropout tobest-selling author. He spent the last 40 yearscoaching individuals on how to attain their lifeambitions.

John Assaraf, as a teenager John risked thepotentially fatal consequences of a turbulentlifestyle which could have easily landed him injail or the morgue. But today, he’s written a “NewYork Times” best-selling book and built fourmultimillion dollar companies.

Michael Beckwith, founder and spiritual directorof the Agape International Spiritual Center, whichcelebrates its 20 anniversary this fall.

John DeMartini, the founder of the DeMartiniFoundation and the Concourse of Wisdom School, oneof the world’s largest personal and professionaldevelopment organizations.

And, JZ Knight, the (INAUDIBLE) member of ourgroup is CEO of JZ K. Inc. and author of herautobiography “A State of Mind.”

We’ll start with Mr. Proctor. We’re calling theshow the power of positive thinking. Define thatfor me.

BOB PROCTOR, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR: Well, there ispower to positive thinking if you internalize it.I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding on it.People they think if they just think positive theworld’s going to change.

It’s not going to change. What they’re going to dois heighten their frustration because they’relooking for change and it doesn’t happen. We thinkon our conscious mind, on a conscious level. It’sour educated mind but it’s the subconscious mindthat’s controlling the vibration we’re in,controlling the results we’re getting.

So, if the positive thinking is going to changeour life, we’ve got to internalize those positivethoughts, not the easiest thing to do but you cando it.

KING: How do you harness that, John Assaraf?

JOHN ASSARAF, CO-FOUNDER, ONECOACH: I think you’vegot to make a decision, Larry, you know. We’ve gottwo choices to make with whatever the situationis. Number one, it could be negative or it couldbe positive. Our choice is what makes the biggestdifference in all of the equation is making thechoice to look at something positively, eventhough the negative side is there. I think that’swhat we have to do.

KING: Michael Beckwith, was Dr. Norman VincentPeale’s famous book, “The Power of PositiveThinking,” was that too pedestrian?

REV. MICHAEL BECKWITH, FOUNDER, AGAPEINTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CENTER: Well, I didn’tread that for a number of years. I entered intothis way of teaching because I had a spiritualawakening and began to see that we were surroundedby a presence, an energy, a life force, call itGod, call it the divine energy.

KING: He called it God, right?

BECKWITH: Yes. And that through that immersioninto that awareness I began to see that, yes,there is power in your thinking but it’s notpositive thinking. You know you could be positivethat you’re broke. You can be positive that you’rerich.

So it’s really, I call it affirmative thinking,having an affirmative realization that the natureof the universe is good and when you surrender toit, when you align yourself with it, when youembody, as Bob Proctor was talking about, as youinternalize it, then your life begins to change.

KING: You’re saying, John DeMartini that this isdoable?

JOHN DEMARTINI, FOUNDER, DEMARTINI FOUNDATION: Notonly is it doable but we do it every day becausewhat happens is the quality of our life is basedon the quality of the questions we ask and it’snot what happens to us on the outside. It’s how weask questions and filter it and perceive it on theinside.And so, we have an event and we ask how is thatevent that we think is so terrible, how does itserve us and how does it help us fulfill what isreally most important to our life? Then whathappens is we transform through the perception ofthat action into an opportunity that we can nowuse as a resource for our life. KING: Where do youlearn this, Ms. Knight?

JZ KNIGHT, RAMTHA’S SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT: Idon’t subscribe to positive thinking because thatwould suggest that we’re all negative and theconnotation of negative is that we’re all bad. Andit’s difficult enough to survive in the world andhave self-esteem without thinking that you have tothink positive because you’re already bad.

KING: What do you call it?

KNIGHT: I call it being wonderful.

KING: What’s the law of attraction, Bob?

PROCTOR: The law of attraction is based on the lawof vibration. The whole universe operates by laws.Dr. Werhner von Braun said that the laws are soprecise that we don’t have any difficult buildingspaceships, sending people to the moon and you cantime the landing with the precision of a fractionof a second. But, attraction and vibration arehooked together. The vibration we’re in isdetermined by the ideas that you’re emotionallyinvolved with.

KING: And how do you grab that, Michael?

BECKWITH: You need to have a vision for your life.Most of the time people are concentrating on whatthey don’t want to happen. They can articulate itvery well. “I hope this never happens to me.” Andwhen you ask the average person they don’t knowexactly what they want. They cannot describe areality they want to live in.Now when you begin to describe it and begin togenerate those kind of feelings that you’realready living in it, the universe will compel youinto right action. You’ll begin to do thingsdifferently.

KING: Dr. DeMartini, does this apply to the law ofphysics? Are we talking about something that youcould look it up in a book?

DEMARTINI: Yes, actually, because what happensjust like in the law of life and the law ofphysics, just like a magnet has two sides and ifyou try to get rid of one side of the magnet, thenegative side, it keeps following you. You alwayshave two sides. So, you have to be able to takeboth sides and use them to your advantage.

KING: JZ if the day is cloudy or rainy and we’rebothered by that we’re determining to be botheredby that right?

KNIGHT: Absolutely. Absolutely.

KING: We’re making it. If rain ain’t doing it,we’re doing it.

KNIGHT: We’re doing it. We are creating the natureof our reality by what we choose, how we choose tothink about our life and the outside world.

KING: Coming up, wouldn’t you like to be excitedabout your day when you wake up instead of beingstressed? Find out how to make it possible next.


BECKWITH: And from the very being, the nature ofyour being, you must say “So what?” That’s thestrongest affirmation that you’ll ever hear.When I was quite young attending college therewere two things going on simultaneously. One, Iwas having a spiritual breakthrough, a spiritualopening while, at the same time, I was ending acareer in selling marijuana.The real miracle of living is when you’re nolonger intoxicated by praise or depressed byun-appreciation.And, I just started crying. I just started sobbingand I turned my life over to God, surrendered mylife to the universe, surrendered my life to love,to be an instrument to bring about love andharmony and peace, however the presence wanted touse me. My life would be dedicated to that for therest of my life.And if you begin to open up through youraffirmation so what! You’ll begin to move into theconsciousness of what’s so. So what contains thewhat so.There’s a dimension of us that has never beenhurt, harmed, or endangered in any way and withintention, with practice, with love, prayer,meditation, you can uncover that dimension of yourlife that has no beginning and has no end and letit shine in this incarnation.What is so? God has always loved you. What is so?Wholeness is inside of your being. What is so?Infinite supply surrounds you. What is so? Itdoesn’t matter who’s in the White House. Who’s inyour house? Who’s in your house? Who’s in yourhouse?



KING: We’re back with this extraordinary panel andwe’re learning how to make things better in ourlives. We can’t do better than that for you.Michael Beckwith, what are some simple steps aperson can do to change his or her own life?

BECKWITH: Well, first of all, when we think aboutwhat reality is, we think about this unified fieldof awareness that’s everywhere that’s operatingfor us. So, what an individual has to do they haveto begin to have an inner talk of uplift, men ofinspiration of affirmation, begin to agree withthemselves that it can be better.

KING: Every day?

BECKWITH: Every single day. It has to be apractice until that practice becomes a way oflife. KING: What do you do though, John Assaraf,about bad events, I mean terrible events, yourhouse burns down?

ASSARAF: Yes. Everything that happens to us wehave a choice again of making a decision how weperceive that and how we react to that. And we canhave our house burning right in front of us andthings could be devastating in front of us but ourdecision to interpret that is what makes theentire difference and we always have that choice.

KING: That seems, Bob, like a hard thing to learn.

PROCTOR: It is a hard thing to learn. And, I wasthinking as John was talking about it, I wastaking my mind back to when I was always focusedon what was wrong, the bad circumstances theydominated my thinking. It took a long time tochange it.I had Earl Nightingale’s record. I played it overand over and over again.


PROCTOR: Earl is a good friend. I worked with Earlfor five years in Chicago. But it was therepetition of listening to that that changed it.That’s how it was programmed in the first place.That’s how it can be changed.I think that JZ was mentioning the secret. There’sa movie “The Secret.” If a person would keepwatching it over and over again they willreprogram their mind.

KNIGHT: But also, if I may interject here, thereis a beauty that rises up in us, a greater mindthat rises up in it that comes to the surface thatis all beauty and originality.

KING: Are you saying you don’t have bad days?

KNIGHT : I have bad days if I decide to feel sorryfor myself.

BECKWITH : When we begin to think in a particularway it definitely overrides and transcends thosegenetic…

PROCTOR : Your thoughts.

KNIGHT : Absolutely.

BECKWITH : And to grow in this way simply meansthat we’re eliminating the filters. We’reeliminating the obstructions. We’re eliminatingthe faulty beliefs. We’re not adding anything tous whatsoever. All spiritual growth and all growthtowards success or progress is an elimination ofthat which is hindering.

ASSARAF : And we are genetically wired a certainway and 50 percent of our propensity is the way wethink and behave are genetic in nature. Then we’reraised by the same people who gave us theirgenetics. And so we get conditioned to believe andthink and behave consistently day in and day out.We call it a self fulfilling doom that we getinto.And the first part is awareness. The first part isawareness that I don’t have to live this wayanymore. I don’t have to do this anymore. I don’thave to think this way anymore and become aware ofit. That’s number one.Then you set a new vision for yourself andscientifically just the latest brain researchsuggests that it takes at least 30 days of mentalreprogramming to start seeing the differentiationbetween your old self and the new self.

KING : John DeMartini, one of the definitions ofinsanity is repeating the same act expecting adifferent result. If that’s true, first of all,half the globe is insane, right? We all have donethat.

DEMARTINI: Or asleep.

KING: Can you break that?

DEMARTINI: Yes. Every human being has a set ofvalues and through those values they filter theirreality. Whatever is highest on their value theytend to bring discipline and order to and theytend to focus on them spontaneously, innately.Whatever is lowest on their value they tend tohave chaos around and disorder around. And, ifthey’re trying to set objectives that is notreally truly aligned to their highest values, theytend to self defeat because they tend tounconsciously keep creating what’s really on theirvalue system. So, when you set objectives, if youdon’t set them congruently and aligned with yourhighest values, you tend to self defeat and havenegative self talk.

KING: But to change you have to want to change,right?

DEMARTINI: You have to identify and set objectivesaccording to what’s truly valuable to you, what’struly inspiring to you, or you’re automaticallygoing to have the feedback system called thenegative thought I think personally.

PROCTOR: I think all you have to do is becomeaware that you can change. I didn’t think I couldchange.

KING: What changed you?

PROCTOR: “Think and Grow Rich,” the book and RayStanford, a guy that got me to read it and heconvinced me that I could do better than I wasdoing. I think I believed in his belief in me. Ididn’t believe in me. But he was so adamant that Icould do better and he said, “Just read the bookand do what it says.” And I started to read it andthat’s what led me into Earl’s material, one thingto another and I changed.

KING: What did you, Michael, what changed you?

BECKWITH: Well, in terms of change one of myfavorite statements is pain pushes you until thevision pulls you. So, you grow in two ways eitherthrough pain or through insight.So, some people will get sick and tired of beingsick and tired and begin to make that decision,begin to articulate a vision for their life, beginto walk in that direction.Others will have insight, an ah-hah will happen tothem and they’ll see life in a much widerperspective and then from that wider perspectivemake a decision to begin to walk.

KING: Are we to blame, John, for most of the timefor what happens to us?

ASSARAF : Are we to blame? Well, we can blame otherpeople and that’s the easy thing to do because wecan point the finger.

KING : That rat.

ASSARAF : Yes, we can just blame everybody else.There are certain things that happen to us, Larry,that are inconvenient that we don’t like and wecan put blame on somebody else or ourselves. Ithink we’ve got to take full responsibility forour reality and how we approach anything thathappens to us.

BECKWITH : Absolutely.

KNIGHT : I agree.

PROCTOR : I don’t think we’re to be blamed. We’renot to be blamed for our programming but we’reresponsible for changing it.

BECKWITH : Absolutely. Yes, I don’t like to use theword blame. No one is to blame but ignorance.

PROCTOR : That’s right.

BECKWITH : Ignorance is the only thing that is toblame. And once you enter into he awareness offorgiveness releasing shame, blame, and regret,you can change your life.

KING : John DeMartini, does it require brains?

DEMARTINI : You know I think…

KING : I mean you have to be smart to do this.

DEMARTINI : I think that it requires awareness.


DEMARTINI : But I think the greatest awarenessoccurs when we’re grateful and our heart is open.

KING: Just ahead can you really wish for your soulmate and find him? Our panel knows how to make ithappen. They’ll share it with us next.


PROCTOR : You know when a person has no hope theyare lost, absolutely lost. I was losing. I wasunhappy. I was sick. I was broke. I think I wasearning $4,000 a year and I owed $6,000.For the first time I realized that I had choices.I could choose what I wanted to do. Now it wasvague and I didn’t have a whole lot of confidencein it but I was starting to know it.It took me nine years to figure out what I hadactually done to change but I found out somethinginteresting. Most people that are highlysuccessful cannot articulate on why they are.If you don’t make the hard decisions you havewasted your time coming here. You know what thedecisions are. I don’t know what they are for youbut you know what they are.Positive thinking is nothing if you don’tinternalize it and you don’t internalize it once.It’s through repetitionIt’s your life. You only get one bite at theapple. If you don’t treat you right, who’s goingto?



KING : OK, we’ll start with John DeMartini in this.How do you find the true love of your life?

DEMARTINI : Well, I’m going to say something that’sprobably different than a lot of people. But Ireally believe that we are actually surrounded byit and it’s either in one form, in one person, orwe diversified it to a group of people in ourlives but every single…

KING : Six soul mates?

DEMARTINI : Our soul mate. Every single thing thatwe’re searching for we unconsciously are creatingaround us but sometimes if we’ve had extreme painassociated with a relationship with one person wediversify all the things that we like into peoplearound us.

KING : You’ve lost your wife, right?

DEMARTINI : Yes, my wife passed away about justunder two years ago.

KING : Now are you on a search?

DEMARTINI : Well, it’s interesting. Six weeksbefore she passed away she held my hand and shelooked me straight in the eyes and she said, “It’snow time to look for another star woman, anotherstar girl.” Her name was Athena Starwoman.And three weeks after she passed away, I ran intoa lovely woman named Star in Las Vegas. Shehappens to be here today. And, if it wasn’t forher saying that, my former wife saying that, Idon’t think I would have noticed it (INAUDIBLE).

KING : How do you find a soul mate, JZ?

KNIGHT : Well, a soul mate is equal to who we are,so the first thing we have to do is fall in lovewith ourselves. We have to like who we are.Otherwise, if we don’t, we’re going to getfrequency specific with people in our life that…

KING : Bad choices.

KNIGHT : …reflect back to ourselves. So, firstthing fall in love with yourself. Be to you whatyou would love to have in another person.

BECKWITH : Absolutely.

KNIGHT : Then that person comes.

KING : Michael.

BECKWITH : What you’re looking for you’re lookingwith and so as you begin, as JZ was talking about,to really fall in love with and tap into thosequalities of love and caring and generosity andkindness and appreciation you begin to radiatethose kind of qualities into your life.

KING : Is it hard, John Assaraf, to get rid of thebad person in your life?

ASSARAF : Is it hard to get rid of the bad personin your life?

KING : Yes, well let’s say it isn’t working but youhang on.

ASSARAF : It’s very, very hard. We get soaccustomed to our surroundings and our environmentand the relationships that we have. Anytime thatthat is a part of our life releasing that is very,very difficult. We don’t like to change ourenvironment. We don’t like to change ourenvironment at work. We don’t like to change ourenvironment with our relationships. It’s very,very difficult. Anything that we get accustomed tohaving in our life is very hard to let go of.

KING : We’re doing things a little differently heretonight. We do have a studio audience and we’regoing to take some questions. And we’ll start withLisa, are you there?

LISA : Hi. My question is how does the law ofattraction apply to relationships because I cansee how you could attract individual goals butit’s harder to see how you could visualize aspecific person that you want?

KING : Who wants to grab that, John?

PROCTOR : You shouldn’t put a face on the person.See yourself with all — with the person with allthose qualities. You’re going to move into thatvibration and you’ll attract them.

ASSARAF : I think it’s important to understand,Larry, that, you know, if we go back to thepremise that all we are is energy and that we willattract everything that we resonate with, so if weare focusing on what we want in the person withall the attributes and what he or she has and webelieve with our whole heart and soul that thatperson will be found and we allow the universe todo its part while we, as JZ said, become thatperson filled with love and beauty that we are, wewill attract that person.

KING : Michael.

BECKWITH : I think it’s clear, Lisa, also we haveto define what relationship is. And relationshipis a joint participation in the good of life or inthe good of God. So, you’re not going into arelationship to get something from someone.You’re going into a relationship to be moreyourself so that you’re with somebody this is theindividual in which you get to — you feelcomfortable being loving, giving, sharing, kindand forgiving. But if you think you’re going toget something from the relationship, you’resetting up a resistance there already.

KING : Why do we choose often, Bob, the wrongperson?

PROCTOR : I think it goes back to what JZ said. Wedon’t know who we are.

KNIGHT : We don’t know who we are.

PROCTOR : And we’re searching for something outsideof ourselves so we see someone and think she’spretty. He does this, you know. And so, you know,we’re looking to get something there. It’s likeMichael said, it’s not what you get.It really comes back, what Stanford taught me hesaid, “Get to know who you are.” And he said, “Andstart to understand yourself and take control overyour life. And until you do that, nothing is goingto work right.”

ASSARAF : It’s also — sorry, Michael. It’s also afunction of our self image of ourselves so we havean image, an unconscious image of who we are, whatwe believe we can attract, what we deserve, and wewill look for that match in our life as long as wedon’t change the internal image in our own mind,nothing will change.

KING : When we come back, I’ll reintroduce thepanel.And, what if you wish for a million bucks, willyou get it? Find out when LARRY KING LIVE returns.


ASSARAF : Your past results, OK, do not, do notrepresent what you’re capable of achieving. Well,from the age of 13 to about 19, I was involvedwith a group of kids that spent a lot of time onthe streets. And what I really wanted to do wasmake money. I came from a family who had wonderfullove and wonderful environment but money wasn’tsomething that my family knew how to make and Iwanted to live a better life.And, I really took myself to educating myselfabout what does it really take to make money? Whatdoes it take to build a company? What does it taketo have a great life? And fortunately for me whenI was 19, I found some wonderful mentors who askedme some great questions.And so if you don’t believe in your — if youreally, really, really don’t believe in yourproduct or service, stop doing it. Stop tellingyourself a story that you’ve got to do it justbecause I need the money. I need something to makean income.And part of me believed them because they alwaystold me that if you didn’t go to school, if youdidn’t get a degree, you couldn’t get a job. Youcouldn’t take care of your family. So, there wassomething that was nagging at me my whole lifewas, you know, that’s what people that I respectedtold me, not my parents fortunately but everybodyelse said that.To win in the game of life you’ve got to focus onwinning the game of life.



KING : Our panel is Bob Proctor, John Assaraf,Michael Beckwith, John DeMartini, and JZ Knight.JZ, you say you treat the universe as a shoppingcart and all you got to do is ask.

KNIGHT : I teach people that.

KING : Ask for $1 million and you get it?

KNIGHT : Well, what I teach people is, is thatmoney comes as a result of ingenious thoughts,creativity, because we’re born creators, and thatwhen we create our day and we start out with ourday and say, “This day I will access informationabout the future, technology and genius.” Andduring that day great thoughts come that start youon a journey of creating something of value thatas a consequence of that you get paid for it.

KING : Money follows.

KNIGHT : Absolutely.

KING : “Time” magazine had an article, “Does GodWant you to be Rich?” For several decades aphilosophy has been percolating in the 10 millionstrong Pentecostal wing of Christianity that seemsto turn the gospels on its head. In a nutshell, itsuggest that God who loves you does not want youto be broke. It’s been propelled by Joel Osteen’sfour million selling book, “Your Best Life Now.”Does he want you to be rich?

DEMARTINI : Absolutely.

BECKWITH : Absolutely.

PROCTOR : Absolutely.

KNIGHT : Absolutely.


ASSARAF : But most people don’t understand…

KING : What does God care?

KNIGHT : But what isn’t God?

KING : Why does God care if you’ve got $10 or $100.

KNIGHT : Isn’t that small? Isn’t that cheap?

ASSARAF : I think God cares because we work withbusiness owners…

KING : Just asking.

ASSARAF : Larry, we work with business owners allover the world. That’s what we do. And the firstthing we tell them is, if you could figure out howto serve another human being, if you could figureout how to give them your product or your service,and figure out how to get that to the masses andserve them and do well for them, you’ll berewarded with riches. Why wouldn’t God want everyhuman being to be serve another?

PROCTOR : See, the possession of money is soridiculously out of balance. One percent of thepopulation has about 96 percent of all the money.We go through school, no one teaches us how toearn money. We don’t learn at home. And we grow upwith the idea you go to work to earn money.Working is the worst way to earn money. You shouldgo to work for satisfaction. You provide servicesto earn money. You do. Wealthy people all havemultiple sources of income.

BECKWITH : The way I look at it is like this. We’rehere to deliver our gifts, our talents and ourcapacities, and develop ourself to our fullestpotential and express ourself. Now, the universe,the power, the presence, the love of God, whateveryou want to call this presence, wants yourstructures stable so that God can express morethrough you.

KING : Another question from the audience fromKelsey — Kelsey.

KELSEY : I love where I work. But I live within mymeans. However, each month I’m living seeminglypaycheck to paycheck. How do I value what I earn,versus the satisfaction I get from working at acareer that I’m passionate about? PROCTOR: I don’tthink you should mix them up. You’re looking atyour job as where you get your money. Your job iswhere you get your satisfaction. Set up differentways of serving people where you can earn money.You don’t have to be there. You can earn it whileyou’re sleeping.

ASSARAF : You also can’t look at your presentcircumstances and allow it to control yourthinking, because then you’re going to create moreof the same circumstances. You’ve got to get outof that loop and ask yourself, what I do reallywant to do, and then follow that.

KING : John, I came into my office today upstairs,on my door was a vision board.

ASSARAF : We saw it.

KING : It had the kids, it had the wife, it had thejob, the palm trees for retirement. Forget thepalm trees. OK.And do you — what are vision boards? I understandyou have a story about this, about thevisualization.

ASSARAF : I do.Many years ago, I looked at another way torepresent some of the materialistic things Iwanted to achieve in my life, whether it was a caror a house or anything. And so I started cuttingout pictures of things that I wanted. And I putthose vision boards up. And every day for probablyabout just two to three minutes, I would sit in mydesk and I would look at my board and I’d close myeyes. And I’d see myself having the dream car andthe dream home and the money in the bank that Iwanted and the money that I wanted to have forcharity.Five years later, my one son Keenan (ph) came upto my office and he sat on the boxes and said, youknow, Daddy, what’s in the boxes? And I said,they’re my vision boards, and they’ve been inthose boxes for five years. And so he didn’tunderstand. So I pulled out one of the visionboards, after opening up the box, and there was anice car and another little trinket that I wantedto buy. And when I opened up, or pulled out thesecond vision board, there was a picture of thehome that I was living in right now, that I hadbeen living in for a year, had renovated it, anddidn’t even know — I swear to…

PROCTOR : He phoned me. He phoned me within two orthree minutes of that. I saw it on the board.

ASSARAF : The house that I live in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE : We teach to do that, draw ona piece of card what it is you want to manifest,and simply look at it and be present with it.That’s called creating a time trial to the future.

DEMARTINI : Our innermost dominant thought becomesour outermost tangible reality. When I was 17years old, I almost died. I lived on the NorthShore of Oahu in a tent. And I had the opportunityto meet Paul Brag (ph), who’s an amazing teacherwho’s 93 years old. And he told me to write downmy dreams — not only for myself, but my family,my community, my city, my state, my nation, and myworld — and write it for at least 100 years.Today, all of these years, 34 years, I’ve beenmaster planning my life and one of the things thatI actually dreamed of doing is sitting here facingyou, saying what I’m about to say. So I know thatit works.

KING : If one of you have a vision board with mypicture on it, I’ll go to break.Still ahead, can you make yourself healthy or juststop smoking just by thinking about it? Find outmore after this break.

DEMARTINI : One day leaving this health food store,I saw a little flyer on a door, special guest –guest speaker, Paul C. Brag, Sunset RecreationHall, North Shore of Oahu.


DEMARTINI : The quality of your life is based onthe quality of the questions you ask. And askquestions inside, pull them out of you. What doyou really love to create in your life?


DEMARTINI : And that night, I don’t know how todescribe it, it’s just something came over me andI said, I know what I want to do. I want to becomelike this gentleman. I want to travel the world. Iwant to dedicate my life to the study of universallaws, as he was talking about, and I want tobecome a great teacher and philosopher, and stepfoot in every country on the face of the earth andshare my research findings with people.


DEMARTINI : Because if you don’t plant the flowersin the garden of your mind, everybody, you’regoing to be pulling weeds out from everybodyelse’s.


DEMARTINI : And he said to me, every single dayfrom the rest of your life, say I am a genius andI apply my wisdom. Now here I sat there, I’m agenius, I’m thinking, there’s no way I’m a genius.So I said it over and over again. And he made mesay it until I had my eyes closed and my body wascongruent with it. And he patted me on theshoulder and says, you never miss a day for therest of your life.And that was the beginning of a journey ofteaching, healing and philosophy. I went on to bea scholar in school, I went premed honor. I endedup being a chiropractic because I love the powerand philosophy of chiropractic. And it was justthe most amazing thing, because it believes thepower inside us is what heals


DEMARTINI : If you’re going through life and youwant to create an amazing life, you better have avision that far exceeds that. You want perpetuity,you want a foundation that goes beyond it, youwant a vision that goes beyond it. There is animmortal calling in all of us to do somethingmagnificent with our life, that’s way bigger thanour mortal body can see.



KING : We’re back.

J.Z., can you remove an illness just by thinkingabout it?

KNIGHT : Yes. I was a heavy smoker, and I wasdeveloping emphysema. Most women like to smoke,most people that I knew did. And I went and got aCAT scan, and when I saw the CAT scan of what mylungs were doing, I knew I wasn’t going to bealive very much longer.And so I simply said, I’m going to go livesomewhere in my brain where I have always beenwell. And in that moment, I simply moved what I amto a different neuronet in my brain.

KING : How, Michael, do we form the habits we have?

BECKWITH : Just doing something over and over andover again, oftentimes unconsciously.

KING : But why would we do it, even if we don’tlike it?

BECKWITH : Well, it goes back to what we weresaying at the earlier part of the show. You havegenetic programming and then you an environmentalinfluence. So you end up copying what you seearound you.

DEMARTINI : And many times the very thing we’redoing that we’re trying to get rid of,unconsciously, we have associations of benefits.We underlying benefits that we’re actually…

KING : How about those thing, though, Bob, like,drug addiction?

PROCTOR : Well, drug addiction is — it’s a habit.And it can be changed. No, it can be changed. Manypeople change it.

KING : A habit that becomes a need.

PROCTOR : Millions of people change it, so it canbe done. Millions don’t but there is millionsthat…

BECKWITH : Individuals that are addicted oftentimesare looking for something that they’re findingtemporarily, in a counterfeit way, through thatdrug or through that momentary high. And yourbrain can produce that without the drug.

PROCTOR : See, I think the problem goes back — wedon’t know ourself. We can go right through oureducational system, the best schools in the world,and come out and know virtually nothing aboutourself.

ASSARAF : There’s really two parts of our brain,One is the conscious mind,, which we now know isonly responsible for only two to four percent ofour behaviors. So we could have the desire, thewant, the need, the passion for change, butthere’s another side of our psyche, thenonconscious mind, that we now know controls 96 to98 percent of our conditioned way of doing, being,seeing and behaving every single day.So you can have the desire, but you this programrunning at a nonconscious level that’s going tokeep you at your status quo, whether you’re a drugaddict, whether you’re broke. That’s why mostpeople, Larry, who win the Lottery, for example,86 percent of them give away all the money, isbecause they are conditioned at a nonconsciouslevel to be broke. Their self-image and theirself-worth is going to dictate their self-wealth.And that, by the way, I heard from this great guy,John DeMartini. He’s absolutely right.

PROCTOR : If we’re coaching people to change, wehave them in a 13 month program.

KING : Does rehab work?

DEMARTINI : It all depends. I go back to the valuesystem because the hierarchy of one’s valuesdictates their destiny. And so if they have anunconscious motive and unconscious value tocontinue doing something, all the comments to themreally don’t mean anything. They have to have anunconscious drive to accomplish what they want todo.And so what I do, and I have people that areso-called label addicts, I go in there and askthem all the benefits that they’re getting out ofit and bring the unconscious conscious first. Andwhen they discover 100 benefits that they’reunconsciously getting out of being the drugaddict, it blows their mind to realize why they’rereally doing what they’re doing.

KING : Michael, what causes relapse?

BECKWITH : Exactly what he’s saying here. Thebenefits, the temporary benefits of getting thatmomentary high. They haven’t yet seenthemselves…

KING : You miss it, so you want it?

BECKWITH : They’re craving, the body, the mind, thechemicals that are being produced. They don’tquite understand that those chemicals, thoseendorphins can be produced from a sense ofconnection.

KING : But we’re in a drug conscious society. Lookat all of the legal drugs to stop your pain, makeyou feel better, do this, do that.

ASSARAF : Absolutely.

DEMARTINI : A pill for every ill. KING: A pill forevery ill.

ASSARAF : We’ve got the best pharmacy in the world,right here, in our brain.

KNIGHT : It’s true.

ASSARAF : No pharmacy can compare with the humanmind.

PROCTOR : There’s a genius system built within usto keep us in excellent working order if we wereto understand it. Understanding is the key.

ASSARAF : We become addicted to the emotions.

KNIGHT : We are addicted to our emotions. That’sthe greatest addiction there is.

PROCTOR : You did your show a little while ago. Iwas watching where you had the fellow on that tookProverbs over 31 days.

KING : Yes, Solomon.

PROCTOR : Yes, well. What did Solomon say? He said,in all your getting, get understanding. And theopposite of understanding is doubt and worry. Theonly way to get understanding is to study, there’sno other way to get it.

KING : We’ll be right back. And just ahead, whatare you doing that prevents your own happiness?Don’t go away.

KNIGHT : So I sort of grew up and I — knowingevery day that if I prayed to God, that everythingthat I asked for would always get taken care of. Ijust thought everybody did. As I grew into amature woman and got married and had children, Ijust went on my destiny knowing that there wassomething big could happen in my life.


KNIGHT : This day I love God. This day, the wisdomand love of God shines through me. It is myreality. I say that all of the time.


KNIGHT: All these years, it has been to helppeople to understand, first off, that they’redivine, the capacity is inside of them to domarvelous things, are innate in them, that thingsthat happen to them, it is not things happening tothem, but the source leaking out of them.


KNIGHT : All of this, is spiritual because spiritis thought. It’s the intangible ghost of realitythat reality comes from. (END VIDEO CLIP)

KNIGHT : And in creating your day, the first thingyou have to say is, that I’m wonderful, I’m filledwith wonder. I am my greatest mystery. And thisday what I say will manifest and I will experiencethe wonder of myself.


KING : We’re back.What a show tonight. We promise to do more onthis.Let’s take another question from our audience. Andstart with Valerie.

VALERIE : Hi. I’m self-employed and stayingfocussed and clear- headed about all my goals,both professionally and personally, can be reallychallenging. What’s your advice for stayingpositive and patient with so much uncertainty inmy professional life?

BECKWITH : It comes down to your practice.Everything that we’ve talked about here, it comesdown to the word practice, that you begin todevelop the habit of doing something every singleday in your life. Describe your life and how it’sgoing to be. Begin to tell yourself that life isfor you and not against you. Begin to be awarethat there’s something trying to emerge throughyou right now.Since you are an infinite being and you’re here toprogress, there is always something trying toemerge for you right now. So you’re not sittingaround waiting for the New Age. You’re on the newedge. Something is trying to happen.

KNIGHT : And you’re wonderful. And everything thatyou think matters. So you’re worries matter. Sowhat you have to do, you have to get up, firstthing in the morning and create your day, and saythis day, I’m a genius. Not only am I a genius, Icreate a new reality that is fulfilling andwithout worry. All day long.

BECKWITH: Practice.

KING : OK, another audience question. And this oneis from Bonnie.

BONNIE : I’s like to know how do you change anegative perception of an aging body and mind intoa positive acceptance of the same age and body andmind?

KING : You are what you feel?

DEMARTINI : Well, you know, I think we’re blessedbecause as we mature, our eyesight tends to get alittle bit weakened and our hearing tends to go.So I think what the universe has done is make surethat we can’t see what we see in the mirror. Sothe best thing to do is honor your sight as itstarts to fade and you can appreciate what itdoes. No, but every single day it is wise toconcentrate on what you do love about yourself,instead of focussing on what you don’t.

KNIGHT : May I ask you tomorrow morning, if youwant to be 30 years younger, your genes, hereeverything you say…

BECKWITH : Absolutely.

KNIGHT : … you have a code for your entireattitude. When you wake up in the morning anddecide, today, I am going to be 30 years youngerand fabulous. And if you do that, you startcreating proteins in your self that replicatesthat attitude.

KING : Wow.

PROCTOR : Quakers have a saying, pray and move yourfeet. I think what you’ve got to do is get out andexercise. I went over to a gym, a guy named EliPalmer (ph), he took a look at me and he said,you’re just going keep getting bigger and biggerand bigger around the waist. And I started to workwith the guy, get up at 5:00 in the morning, I’min the gym at 6:00 in the morning and work for anhour. I taken three inches off my waist.

KING : You’re all saying happiness is attainable?

PROCTOR : Absolutely.

BECKWITH : Happiness is the natural state of ourbeing.

KNIGHT : It is a natural state of being, withoutfear. Without fear.


ASSARAF : It’s not condition based.

DEMARTINI : I think when we’re authentic with ourtrue values, we have fulfillment.

KING: One more audience question from Bernie –Bernie.

BERNIE : Hi.What is the best way to retain a positive attitudewhile investing in a volatile stock market?

PROCTOR : Quit investing in the volatile stockmarket.

KING : Don’t do it.

PROCTOR : And don’t do it. Change your behavior.

ASSARAF : Even if you’re investing in a volatilestock market, you’ve got to keep one thing inmind, and that’s not the stock market. It’s yourperception of the stock market. There are peoplewho invest in volatile stock markets that don’tget affected emotionally by it. BERNIE: Right.

ASSARAF : And so if they don’t get emotionallyaffected by it, then it’s not the stock market.It’s the individual’s perception of the stockmarket. So when you change the way you look atsomething, the thing you look at will change.

KNIGHT : Remember, you create reality. You have itin you. Consciousness and energy creates reality.What you think matters. Your opinions help toaffect the whole and your eventual outcome inreality.

DEMARTINI : If the stock market goes up, you’repaying more dollar per stock share. If it goesdown, you’re getting it for less. So there’sblessings on either side. Knowing that both ofthem are valuable and staying long-term with it.

KING : I got to get a break.But Michael, do affirmations work?

BECKWITH : Affirmations definitely work. They helpyou keep your attention, allowing that kind ofenergy to flow. They’re not going to makesomething happen, but they make something welcome.

KING : Ahead in our final segment, how you canjumpstart your new life. Stick around for more ofLARRY KING LIVE.


KING : We’re back with our final moments with ouroutstanding panel. We’re going to do more of thisand we just brought up a good topic.I just said the air conditioner’s not working inhere.

BECKWITH : And now it is.

KING : And that bothers me. And you said, live withit. Right?

BECKWITH : No, I said I’m cool. And now it’sworking.

KNIGHT : We know how to create a reality.

KING: You just got cool.

KNIGHT: Come to class, Larry.


KING: You’ve all written books, right?


KING: Is that the best way for anyone watching tojumpstart, read one of the books? I mean, what is– how do we… PROCTOR: I think the best way tostart is get a CD or a DVD and play it over andover and over again.

KING: By one of you?

PROCTOR: Well, the best one — the best thing Ihave seen in 45 years, Larry, is the DVD “On theSecret”. To get it, go to It wasmade out of Australia. It is the best thing I haveever seen done in this industry.

KNIGHT: I think you would be very simple –everybody gets up and says, what kind of life I dowant from this day forward? And I’m going to writeit down and I’m going to say this is who I am.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: To say, this is who I am. And negotiateyour day through what you said. That’s how youstart.

ASSARAF: If anybody wants to have more, whetherit’s a business, whether it’s more money, theyhave to become more. And the only way to do that,OK, first is to educate yourself. And our societyhas gotten lost in teaching children how tomemorize. Education is when we learn something, weget instructions on how to do something, and thenwe experience it. That’s really the education thatwe want. And so that for me is pick a lane, picksomething that you can choose, to move your lifeforward to the next level.

PROCTOR: There is three of us, Dr. Martini,Michael Beckwith and myself, are going to workingtogether next week — is it two weeks — at SYSeminars (ph). I don’t own the company, but it isthe best course I’ve ever seen. And it is all upand down the West Coast, it’s in different partsof the world.

KNIGHT: Our course is the best course I’ve everseen.

PROCTOR: Well, I think the program that…

DEMARTINI: All of our courses are outstanding.

KNIGHT: All of our courses are fabulous.

DEMARTINI: My mother said to me, when she wasputting me to bed when I was four years old, shesaid, son, before you go in the dream world, besure to count your blessings, because those whoare grateful for that they have, they get more tobe grateful for. And I always say that that’s thebest way to start each day and end this day is inthe state of gratitude.

BECKWITH: I’d like to say something about that. Iabsolutely agree that it’s so powerful. Theenlightened give thanks for what most people takefor granted.As you begin to be grateful for what most peopletake for granted, that vibration of gratitudemakes you more receptive to good in your life.KING: J.Z., isn’t change the hardest and mostfeared thing we do?

KNIGHT: It is the most feared thing that we dobecause we’re afraid of reprisal as a result ofit. But change is a natural order of our being. Weare creating reality every day. We’re here to makeknown the unknown. It is innate in us, it’s a partof our mechanism, it’s a part of how our brainworks. It’s what we do best, but it’s in a societythat doesn’t celebrate that.

PROCTOR: And change is inevitable, but personalgrowth is choice.


BECKWITH: But we are here to change. We are hereto grow, develop and unfold. We are progressivebeings that have infinite capacity.

KING : But we all fear it.


BECKWITH: We do until embrace the fact that we arehere to grow. So that you say, how you tojumpstart? You wake up every day and you want tobe different at the end of the day. You don’t wantto be the same person you go to bed at night. Youwant to have had an insight and a haha, you wantto have done a new action. You would have saidsomething new, so that you want to see yourselfchanging and becoming more yourself on a regularbasis.

DEMARTINI: I was — I had the opportunity to speakfor Mary Kay Ash (ph) many years ago. And I hadthe opportunity to interview and chat with herafterwards. And I said, Mary, if there’s anyadvice you could give me — I was in my 20s at thetime — for me in my life, what with a you say?And she said every single morning before you getand start your day, to sit down and write down theseven highest priority actions you could do today,because whoever sets the agenda brings the destinyabout. And I started doing that. And I startedcompiling a list of the things that were trulyimportant to me. And I noticed I increased theprobability of those happening in my life justbecause I concentrated and I took…

KNIGHT: And we do them every day. We do that everyday. I do that every morning.

DEMARTINI: At the end of the day, be grategrateful for all the different things that youaccomplished. Those two things make a hugedifference.


PROCTOR: … taught me the same thing. He said sixthings, same concept.

BECKWITH: Awareness. Awareness. Choice is afunction of awareness. And he’s just described howyou build your awareness.

KING: You have been an outstanding panel. I hopeto do this again. I learned a lot of secrets aboutlife here tonight. We hope everybody takesadvantage of them.

Our guests have been Bob Proctor, John Assaraf,Michael Beckwith, John Demartini and J.Z. Knight.

And our subject has been “Beyond the Power ofPositive Thinking: How to Change Your Life”.

We hope we’ve helped you.

Anderson Cooper is the host of — “AC 360” isnext.

Good night.




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