Seven Astounding Predictions for 2007

by Dr. Joe Vitale

What’s going to happen in 2007?

I looked into my crystal ball and found an answer – a rather astonishing one.

I also asked six peers for their predictions.

Here’s what we found:

1. The main trend for web video this year will be free training on just about any subject. Training videos that are uploaded and shared will see the largest increase in 2007. The multi-billion video industry has already caught on to the benefits of training the public to use the products they sell and the smaller business owners and entrepreneurs will catch on.

— Nerissa Oden, Author, “The Future of Web Video”

2. I predict the recent elections will result in an increase in the number of grants available in 2007.

 — Jillian Coleman-Wheeler

3. I predict in 2007 we’ll be seeing more collaborations among Internet marketers. Not your typical, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine type joint-venture but true mastermind group projects with three to five partners each with specialized skills. Of course, as Joe and I point out in our book, “Meet & Grow Rich”, mastermind groups aren’t just for marketers. Anyone can harness the power of the mastermind to help accomplish any goal in life.

4. Dr. Joe Vitale appears on Oprah’s TV show.
— Pat O’Bryan.

5. My prediction for 2007 is that Mitch and I will find an awesome producer who will produce our Space wedding reality show and we will start looking for people who are interested in signing up for our reality show. Anyone can be ordained within 5 minutes on the computer and the winner of our reality show will get to marry us in space.
— Cindy Cashman

6. I predict in 2007 you’ll be a year older, tons of stuff will change but everything will pretty much remain the same UNLESS you truly take new action on whatever inspires you (and scares you a little, too). Then 2007 will be your best year ever!
— Craig Perrine,

And finally, here’s my own prediction for 2007:

7. I predict websites will become more “alive.”More websites are using multi-media to bring their message to life, but in 2007 some websites will become almost conscious. A good example is the world’s first site to cleanse you of negativity as you visit it. See

Happy New Year!

Joe –

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