The #1 Secret to Selling E-Books

How I Found a Cure for Asthma”

by Dr. Joe Vitale

Jim Edwards and I have been laughing all the way to the bank for about three years now. It’s good, loud, contagious laughter, too. Even some other people, now e-book authors like us, are laughing and dancing in the streets, as well.

Why, you ask? Why is every day Mardi Gras for us?

Our best-selling e-book, on how to write your own e-book in only 7 days (over at, continues to be a #1 best-seller at Clickbank. Jim and I share nice big checks every two weeks. And many others, now e-book authors, also get nice checks.
I tell you, it’s a VERY good feeling.

But not everyone is getting checks for sales of their e-books yet.

In case you are wondering why they aren’t making money yet, and we are, let me tell you a secret about selling e-books online:

People easily buy needed information instantly — if they know about it and are convinced it will work.

Now don’t dismiss that secret by saying, “That’s obvious, Joe.” It isn’t obvious. People are writing e-books and then scratching their heads when people don’t buy them. They haven’t understood this secret.
Let me repeat it:

People easily buy needed information instantly — if they know about it and are convinced it will work.

Now let me illustrate this secret with an actual case study:

A few months ago I had an asthma attack on a flight from Denver to Las Vegas. I didn’t know it was asthma at the time. I just knew my chest hurt and I couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t until we landed and I spent $5,000 in a Vegas emergency room that I realized I had asthma.
Lucky me. It ruined the trip to party town, for sure.

Back in Texas, I began my quest for a cure. I was told Western medicine doesn’t have a cure. They medicate you to regulate you. But cure you? Nope.

I looked into Eastern medicine and began a long series of acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements. This helped me breathe better and feel better — for about twenty-four hours. Still, no cure.
I then went online and continued my search.

STOP and note this: I went ONLINE looking for something specific. Your customers are doing this, too. They aren’t surfing. They are searching. They have a goal, an intention, a need for a solution. Help them.

I used Google, which the majority of people use, for my detective work. I come from a belief that there is always a way to do the impossible. It either exists or it can be created. So with that conviction in mind, I typed in search terms such as “asthma cure” and “asthma relief.”

NOTE: Your customers are looking for specific information using key words. Research what key words they may be using at

I was then led to a site promising to cure my asthma in one week. That’s a great claim for someone suffering from asthma. See the site at

Note: How did I get there? I saw a Google ad when I did my Google search. You should be using Google Ads, too, but educate yourself first. See

The site at looked good. While I wanted more details and more testimonials, my gut said go with it. I bought the e-book.

Note: I didn’t buy a “book.” I didn’t want a book. I wanted a CURE. I wanted a solution. It didn’t matter if this solution was a book, a manual, an audio. I was buying an answer to my problem, and an answer I wanted right NOW. Your customers do this, too. If they can find you,
if your website is convincing, and if you can deliver instantly, you can makes sales, too. Are you starting to sense how this works?

I read the e-book and marveled that it was basically compiled information about a method for curing asthma little known in the US but widely available in New Zealand and Australia. I found this fascinating.

Note: See how easy it is to create an e-book?

You can do the searching and compile the results and then sell the final report.

I read the book, clicked on resources, and before the night was done, I bought a home training course from a company in England, a book from a store in New Zealand, and I emailed a few practitioners of this asthma cure, as well. I probably spent $300 in an hour.

Note: When you provide a convincing solution to a problem, people act fast and will spend money easily. But they aren’t buying an ebook; they are buying a solution to a problem that came in the form of an e-book. Get in the solution business.

There are many lessons in this case study. The most important is for you to not think of e-books as books, but as solutions. Consider what your prospects are looking for, what they are typing in at their search engines, and strive for a match.

Jim Edwards and I have a solution for people wanting to make money selling information online. It’s our When they search for how to write e-books, they find our e-book. The rest, as they say, is history.

Note: You can also get a new e-book, freeee, with tons of information on how to create and sell e-books. See

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