The Secret of the Hypnotic Buying Trance

By Dr. Joe Vitale

What you write to get someone to do something will influence what they actually do. Your words will create the perception that leads to their action. Wrong perception will lead to the wrong action.

What you want to do is create a Hypnotic Buying Trance, the mindset where people are prepped to buy. But not everyone knows how to do this, including me. This brief story will explain what I mean:

Pat O’Bryan just released his long awaited CD and DVD set called, Your Portable Empire. I wanted to drive traffic to his website and see the sales roll in. Because I loved his site, and particularly the graphic at the top of the site, I wrote the following email and sent it to my list:

Subject: What may be the greatest website of all time?

Pat O’Bryan just sent me a link to look at his new website.I wasn’t interested. I was tired, just on a teleseminar, and didn’t want to go look. But it was for Pat, so I did. And it fried me. The graphic at the very top not only made me smile, but the words on it have to be the greatest summary of an irresistible offer I’ve ever seen online. I don’t care if you’re busy, or tired, or what. You simply have to go look. It won’t take but a sec. It’s at — —http://www.marketerschoice.comGo see.


PS – If you want to create your own Portable Empire, which is what Pat is known for, then get your rear to

What do you think?

Is that a good email?

I sent the email and waited.

And waited.

Sales receipts did not burst into my email box. While my email created traffic to Pat’s site, there were no sales. I found this very perplexing.

As it happened, Internet marketer Mark Joyner sent me an email to say hi. Mark is the author of The Great Formula and The Irresistible Offer. He’s a genius at online marketing.

I told Mark about my email and the lack of results. He surprised me by pointing out that my “framing” was all wrong. He said by driving people to look at the site to study a graphic, I sent people to the site with the wrong end in mind. They need to be going with an urge to buy, not with a desire to look.

I know this. But I needed a reminder. With Mark’s lesson in mind, I wrote this follow-up email and sent it to my list:

Subject: I goofed – and you can learn from my mistake

I sent out an email yesterday urging you to see one of the best websites I’ve seen in a long time at

Many of you went, but not all of you bought. When I mentioned it to Mark Joyner, he said my positioning was all wrong.

He explained that by having you go to look at the site, you didn’t go to look at the benefits of the product.

In other words, I violated one of my own principles of how to lead someone to buy.

Mark said I should have focused on all you get, such as — — you learn how to set up your own online business in 30 days or less — you learn about hypnotic writing, hypnotic marketing, hypnotic publicity, and much more — you learn the quick-start secrets for building a money-making business.

You get the idea. By sending you to the site to look at the hypnotic graphic, you went there with a mindset to learn about hypnotic graphics.

Nothing wrong with that, except I also wanted you to go BUY.

This is the lesson: Whenever you want to get someone to do something, how you lead them there will determine what they do.

I led you to look. But I needed to lead you to buy. So let me try again.

Please go review Pat’s site because the product he offers can put you into business — and making money — with your own “portable empire” in about 30 days.

If Pat — a once struggling musician with several CD’s out but always broke — can do it, then so can you.

See In one of my next mailings, I’ll send you the email you should have gotten in the first place. But don’t let that stop you from reviewing his site.

Go for it.


PS – This very email ought to prove that nobody knows it all (except maybe Mark Joyner). If I can still learn something new, then so can you. Get Pat’s package and get to the head of the class. Go see

What do you think of that email?

Is it good?

This new email brought in sales. I learned my lesson: How I direct people somewhere determines what they do when they get there.

The bottom line is this: Think of what you want your readers to do after reading your writing. What you say will influence their next actions. People only buy when they’re in the right state of mind. What you write helps mold that buying mindset, which I call the Hypnotic Buying Trance.

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