by Dr. Joe Vitale

I suffer from heel spurs. These are calcium deposits on the bones that make running painful. I created them years ago, when I was an obese jogger. All that pounding on the pavement with all that weight caused the bones to make heel spurs.

Mine are large and painful. I went to the doctor and she said they were the biggest she had ever seen. I had to stop jogging. I had to wear shoe inserts. It was no fun.

Because I have the core belief that anything can be healed, I kept searching for a cure. One day I saw an ad for a new running shoe that seemed promising.

The shoe has a computer chip in it that analyzes where you are running and adjusts the shoe’s heel to give you the best cushion. I know this sounds sci-fi but I was desperate. Plus I love cool gadgets. So I ordered a pair.

They arrived in a large box, protected by foam inserts. There were batteries and an instruction manual. I felt like I had ordered an odd new laptop.

But the shoes.

Ah, the shoes.

They looked like they were designed for Flash, the famous DC Comics character who could zip around the world in seconds.

I put the shoes on, turned them on, and grabbed the dog. We went for a run. I was amazed at how easy and smooth it was to jog again. I was running faster than the dog. I felt like I could run forever.

I felt like The Flash.

But the real deciding factor would be the next day. If there was going to be any pain, I’d feel it in the morning. In the past, if I did too much on my feet, I’d wake up with an aching heel. And I’d limp all day.

Well, the next morning came and there wasn’t any pain at all. None.

In fact, I just moments ago went for yet another run in my new shoes. I got the idea to write this article for you while jogging down the road.

Now notice something:

Are you curious about the shoes I bought?

Has this story made you interested in them?

Do you want to know the name of them?

When I was in a meeting the other day, I told everyone about the magic shoes that think. My excitement was contagious. I saw people writing down the name of the shoes. Even though I wasn’t “selling” the shoes, they wanted to know more and would probably even go buy the shoes.

Are you feeling the same way?

If you’ve ever suffered from heel or knee pain, you are probably reading this and yelling “TELL ME THE NAME OF THE SHOES, JOE!”

My point is this: A good story, told with passion, that promises a benefit, will always be hypnotic. It will always compel people to want to know more.

In short, hypnotic marketing is nothing more than sharing your sincere passion with the people who most want to hear it.

I’ll say that again:

In short, hypnotic marketing is nothing more than sharing your sincere passion with the people who most want to hear it.

And now for your relief:

The shoes are called Adidas 1.

Wear them and fly.

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