Or, Why I Offered $1,500 for a Book

by Dr. Joe Vitale

I’ve been haunted by three ghosts in my life. The third one just appeared last month. I never know why they pick me, but the relationship usually leads to a brief glimpse of fame and fortune. Maybe this time won’t be any different.

The first ghost came to me in 1989. I was reading the famous “Robert Collier Letter Book” and came across the name Bruce Barton. I’m sure thousands have read the same book, saw the same name, but did not have the same experience I had.

I got chills. Something awakened inside me. I began a two year quest to learn all I could about this now forgotten advertising genius and bestselling author.

The result was my book, “The Seven Lost Secrets of Success.” It’s been through 11 printings. One person bought 19,500 copies of it. The ghost of Barton led me to write the book. It has touched lives around the world, and continues to do so.

But he was only the first.

The second ghost was P.T. Barnum. The famous showman and circus promoter came to me while I was reading his autobiography. That led to my quest to learn his business secrets. A year later, I wrote the book, “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.” It also led to my audioprogram with Nightingale- Conant, “The Power of Outrageous Marketing.” The program has been a bestseller for over 5 years now.

The third ghost came to me last month.

I have been a fan of Neville, the mystical writer of several books, for a decade or more. I even mention him and quote him in my latest book, “The Attractor Factor.” I even called one of the steps in the book, on manifesting with feeling, “Nevillize.” You Nevillize a goal when you feel as if you already have it. But apparently that wasn’t enough for Neville.

A few weeks ago I noticed an article about him in a major magazine. That reawakened my interest in the Barbados mystic. I searched and found some of his audios. These are actual recorded talks from speeches he gave in the 1950s and 1960s. I found a man who owned all known recordings of Neville. I bought all 106 of them. I felt as if Neville was speaking to me as I listened to them.

Then I found five lessons Neville taught in 1948. These are very rare. They are about practical metaphysics and how to manifest your heart’s desires. Pure gold. I relished the fact that I was somehow led to the lessons. But something shocking happened as I read them.

Neville was talking about needing to take a ship back to his home country. He said the boat’s name was “Nerissa.” That is the second time I’ve heard that name. It’s the name of my beloved partner, who I’ve been with for six years now. Too weird.

But the ghostly events didn’t stop there.

In the very same week that I found the rare lessons, someone posted five books by Neville on eBay. All were first editions, perfect condition, and autographed. Neville showing up on eBay is odd enough. For five signed books to appear was even stranger. I of course bought them all.

The adventure didn’t stop there.

A few days later eBay notified me that another Neville item was just put online for bidding. I looked and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was the original published lesson plan from the 1948 lectures I had discovered — and the manual was autographed.

Then, a few days after that, yet another Neville item went on eBay. This turned out to be a truly rare book from 1939 called “At Your Command.”

I had never heard of it before. Apparently neither had other Neville fans, who had been quiet until now, as the bidding grew hot. In only one day people were bidding $500 for this little gem. I, of course, wasn’t going to let this one slip by. I bid $1,500 for it and won it for $515.

Is the book worth it? I used it to attract a new car: a BMW 645Ci is being built for me right now in Germany. So if having ghosts in my life isn’t weird enough, I paid $515 for a little book that is sharpening my powers to manifest what I desire, which is today a $90,000 luxury sports car.

This is getting too strange. The events were reminding me of my experiences with Bruce Barton and P.T. Barnum. I have no idea if the ghosts of these great men were actually contacting me or not, but you have to admit that the synchronicity of events leading me to write my books has been uncanny. No wonder I’ve been a fan of Rod Serling, who I met when I was a teenager. I *live* The Twilight Zone.

I’m not sure why Neville is contacting me. Maybe it’s just to dust off his message and present it to a new audience (meaning you). Meanwhile he’ll notify me tonight, or tomorrow. I know he would like his ideas made available, so I put some of them online at AttractANewCar.com.

But there’s a greater lesson here.

The joy in life is in following joy. What I mean is, whether paying attention to these “coincidences” leads to a new book or not isn’t as important as the thrill of acting on them. The adventure is in the journey, not in the destination. The destination is simply a pause before the next journey.

Are you acting on the nudges you get, even when you have no idea where they will lead?

If so, you will find life exhilarating.

And you might even meet a ghost or two.

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