The Top 10 Most Outrageous Places to Advertise Your Business

by Dr. Joe Vitale

1. On your back with a real tattoo.
(Your body becomes a walking billboard.)

2. On your sunglasses.
(Protect your eyes and promote your business!)

3. On your belly with body paint.
(Great on the beach!)

4. On the soles of your inked and stenciled shoes.
(So you leave ads wherever you walk. Use washable ink.)

6. On your bald head.
(Hats are out. Ads are in!)

7. On your driveway.
(Low flying planes might buy from you!)

8. On your pet.
(Now when they run off they’ll be promoting you.)

9. On the back of your cell phone.
(Everyone checks out your phone.)

10. On your baby’s forehead.
(Make them even cuter with a colorful ad!)