The Top 10 Reasons to Read CyberWriting

by Paul Seaburn

10. Every book includes a list of helpful web sites and a free preview of the swimsuit edition.

9. Learn how to develop a screen-saver that will help you fall asleep faster using a technique known as “cyber sheep cloning.”

8. It explains why “flaming” is a poor way to heat your home.

7. No animals, real or virtual, were harmed in the making of this book.

6. It’s cheaper than a night in the Lincoln bedroom and contains no ghosts of former presidents.

5. Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend “cyber writing” for their patients who chew gum while reading e-mail.

4. The movie won’t be out for a while because Stallone wants too much to play Joe.

3. Rearrange the letters of each chapter title and find out what’s really being stored in Area 51.

2. “Cyber Writing” is not in any way related to “cyber-bonics.”

and the number one reason to read CyberWriting: How to Promote your Product or Service Online (without being flamed) by Joe Vitale …

1. It’s chicken soup for your cyber-soul.