by Dr. Joe Vitale

What are the top 7 e-books on marketing of this past year? Here’s my pick, based on the dozens I’ve seen over the last twelve months.

“Million Dollar Online Advertising Strategies – From The Greatest Letter Writer Of The 20th Century.” Daniel Levis analyzed the record breaking sales letters of the legendary Robert Collier to create this insightful guide into human nature. Collier’s letters alone are worth gold; the psychological analysis of each letter makes them priceless. A great education.

“The Ultimate Guide to Creating Money-Making E-Books.” Bill Hibbler put together what may be the be-all and end-all of how-to books revealing ways to create your own e-book, and then sell it, even without writing it yourself. This may be the definitive guide to e-books.

“The Think and Grow Rich Workbook.” Pat O’Bryan took a hands-down classic — Napoleon’s Hill’s famous “Think and Grow Rich” — gleaned the best ideas from it, and turned it into an e-book. He wisely gives this one away, which is a viral way to build his email list. Very smart.

“How I Made $1,080,496 on the Internet in less than 24 Hours.” John Reese’s true story is inspiring and instructive. You can read an entire report detailing his incredible success in a brief e-book he gives away.

“378 Internet Marketing Predictions.” This two-volume set may be my favorite e-book for 2004. Mike Mograbi somehow managed to dig under the carpet of the net, look beyond the stars in cyberspace, and come back with some eye-opening facts.

“The Stampede Secret.” Laura Childs is a pig farmer in Canada with a love for the net. She spent countless hours researching RSS, which I had only heard of but didn’t understand before her book arrived. Her e-book is the best guide there is to by-passing spam filters and cementing a relationship with your customers.

“Success Alert.” Here’s another one I wish I had thought of. This inspiring first-in-a-series contains interviews with average people making mega-bucks online selling everyday things, from socks to magic tricks. Too many books are by marketing people sharing their secrets. This one is by, about, and for the common person.

What e-books will be the hits of 2005?

Ah, let’s wait and see…

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