Three Proven Ways Around E-mail Filters

or, Why Doesn’t Your Mother Answer Your E-mail?

by Dr. Joe Vitale

Back in the 1950s a crazed senator ruined many lives by simply accusing them of being a communist. Movie stars were destroyed in a day. It didn’t matter if the allegations were true. If senator Joseph McCarthy pointed a finger at you, and suggested you were part of the “red menace,” your reputation was destroyed. McCarthy’s witchhunting played on our fears, stirred up hate, and ruined innocent lives.

Sound familiar?

The same thing is happening today. Accuse someone of being a spammer and that person suddenly has to defend himself, whether the allegation was true or not. While actual spammers are low in numbers, they bomb the Net with enough emails to make everyone think that we are being invaded by a Spam Army from Cyberspace.

This scare has caused servers to set up email filters, triggers, blocks, censors, condemners, and more. We even have a federal law against spamming. The ironic thing is, spam hasn’t stopped. It hasn’t even slowed down. I don’t know about you, but my inbox is still stuffed with spam every day.

Instead, the effort to stop spam has now caused legit email to not make it to its intended recipient. If you use the innocent word “friend” in your email to your mother, some filters will consider your email spam and automatically delete it. Your mother will never receive your email. She’ll never respond to something she never received. You won’t know why. You’ll just wonder why she’s mad at you (again).

And of course the tried and true vocabulary of marketing is now a definite spam trigger. Since “Friend” is often used at the beginning of a spam message, it’s now considered a filter trigger. So are such obvious trigger words as “free” and “guarantee.” And if you use one too many exclamation points in your email, your email will be branded as spam, too.

What are you going to do? How are you going to continue sending and receiving email?

Even if you have no intention of selling anything, the filters are so sensitive that you may accidentally use a word that triggers the deletion of your email, even when you’re simply writing to your best “friend.”

While the quest continues for a solution to spam, here are three ways (and one bonus method) around e-mail filters so your legit emails can make it through:

1. Do the two-step.

This is based on the old advertising formula of running a small classified ad that directs people to call you for more information. But online you simple send an email that gives people a reason to go to your website. In other words, your short email is the first step. It directs them to go to your site (the second step) where they can read all of your letter. I now do this when sending out my monthly ezine to my subscribers. I send readers a brief email asking them some questions, such as “How did Britney Spears help me sell my new product?” I then direct them to to discover the answers.

2. Use a spam checker.

There are several services that allow you to run your email through their spam checker. They detect what words you need to change in order to get your email through the filter gates. My favorite is at

3. Send your voice.

A new way to send your messages by email without ever triggering a spam filter is to send your voice over email. This is simple. Use a new software called Speak and Send to do just that: Speak into your computer’s mike and then click send to deliver your voice, in an email, to your recipient. They simply click and listen. You can swear all you like and no filter will ever stop your email. See

Bonus idea: You might also use RSS. It’s a way to have your own news syndication. In other words, people sign up for emails from you using an RSS feeder. When you send an email to them over RSS, they receive it instantly, by-passing all filters. I have one at You can learn about RSS at

Until we find a better solution to stopping the spam kings and queens out there, any of the above should help make your online life easier. Just don’t let fear stop you from enjoying the best tool yet developed for instant communication: E-mail.

After all, fear already stops most people from living their lives to the fullest. And we don’t need another Joseph McCarthy.

Just ask your mother.

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