Willie Crawford’s SEM Discovery (Not for everyone)

by Dr. Joe Vitale

Willie Crawford just wrote me the following…

“Two weeks ago, a friend showed me how he had achieved a ‘better than #1 position’ on both Google and Yahoo, overnight, for an extremely competitive and highly searched term. He also showed me how anyone could, with a little work, do the same thing.”

I asked to see the report.

Willie sent it to me. I was surprised to see how brief it is — under 30 pages — but stunned to see how brilliant it is.

It reveals the actual formula the author used to go higher (yes, higher) than #1 on Google and Yahoo with the most sought after words in history at that time — and he did it in under 24 hours.

I found it fascinating.

I read and re-read the report.

The formula in it isn’t known by most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals and certainly not by the average Jane or Joe — including me.

It’s actually more along the lines of SEM — or Search Engine Marketing.

The system is a twist on one of the steps in my Hypnotic Marketing $50,000 3-step formula.

The simple method revealed in his system takes a little work — work you should be doing anyway — but it’s clearly the real thing.

It will work, if you will work it.

And get this:

The author added an addendum to his report, written while in the hospital, that is almost more of a breakthrough then the system he invented.

As an author and as a marketer, I found it a stroke of genius.

When you read it, you’ll know what I mean.

Finally, Willie told me…

“I’ve wrestled the exclusive rights to introduce the world to this report and am looking for just a few JV partners who can send a mailing to their lists fairly quickly. The reason that the mailing needs to go out fairly quickly is that we’ve decided to ONLY market the report until the end of December. The reason is that we actually don’t want everyone to know about and dilute the strength of the technique.”

I jumped to be one of the few to offer this to you.

The report is a little pricey (depending on where your head is with prosperity), but the system is priceless.

And I wish the report was longer, but it’s long enough to explain the system.

This is a serious technique. If you want to be one of the few to actually learn it, you must go here now:


And if you want to learn my Hypnotic Marketing formula, which ties in beautifully to this new SEM system, see:


Go for it.

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