Your “Secret Barrier” to Wealth

by Dr. Joe Vitale

I just read Dan Kennedy’s September No B.S. Marketing Letter and was thrilled to see him talk about mindsets and language.

In one section he explained that talking about negative things makes your clients and customers feel bad, which in turn makes them less inclined to buy from you.

People want to feel good. I talked about this in my book, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. Even Kennedy, who can be a grump, realizes that focusing on doom and gloom will simply make people tighten their hold on their wallets or purses.

Instead, focus on the good, talk about the positive, and help people feel better.

Dan’s back page essay — always my favorite part of his No B.S. newsletter — is all about how your own thinking leads to the reality you create.

Dan begins his article by saying the other day he deposited $802,486.00 in the bank.

Not bad for a day’s work. (It was for more than a day’s work, but you get the idea.)

Dan goes on to brilliantly explain that most of us — even him, even me — have a “secret barrier” within us that keeps us from bringing in a larger income.

Whatever income you have right now is there because you are comfortable with it.

You probably made far less money decades ago. As you grew more comfortable, as you raised your secret barrier, you could allow more money into your life.

In short, you are earning what you are expecting.

The way to sell more and raise your income is to help people feel good and to work on your inner secret barrier.

How do you change your secret barrier to wealth?

You read this blog. You read Dan Kennedy. You read books about the wealthy. You subscribe to magazines for the affluent. You read my book, The Attractor Factor. You watch the movie The Secret. You get into or create a mastermind group of wealthy people. You surround yourself with wealth and prosperity so you can begin to accept it, feel it, own it, and expect it.

In short, you get comfortable with the idea of wealth.

Two tips:

  1. Subscribe to Dan’s newsletter. He’s a genius and a living legend. You can get a three month subscription, to try it out,
  2. Get the Milagro Manifestation Method CD’s and put them in your iPod or on your PC or Mac, or in your car or wherever you can soak up their music and messages.

These CD’s are so powerful that last night at dinner Bill Hibbler said when he puts one of the CD’s on, he instantly becomes a powerhouse copywriter.

I think the CD’s are so potent that I asked Pat O’Bryan at dinner last night to bring me another set, so I can send them to a company I know that may want to promote them.

Get your own set at

Bottomline: You get what you expect.

Or, as Dan says in his newsletter, “You’ll only get to bank what your internal system permits you to accept.”

Ao Akua,


PS – One of the ways I lift my own secret barrier to wealth is by dreaming about attracting new luxury items, like the above picture of the Panoz sports car, the Panoz Esperante GTLM. I’ve yet to even see that beauty, let alone ride in it or drive it, but thinking about buying it (it costs about$120,000.00) stretches my mind to get comfortable with even greater amounts of wealth. After all, I already have two BMW’s. Getting a third luxury sports car would be a stretch for me. But I want to lift my secret barrier. You can do this, too. Go here or here for some help.

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