What is it?

Smart Attractor IQ Test is an innovative computer program. It has been designed to offer customized advice on bringing the Law of Attraction into your life. It does this by analyzing your answers to a series of questions.

Upon answering all questions, the program selects the advice and information that is most relevant to you and makes it immediately available in a FREE & PERSONALIZED REPORT.

How does it work?

The Smart Attractor Diagnostic Tool takes, as its input, your answers to a total of 25 questions. Based on your answers, the Smart Attractor IQ Test will calculate your score in each category.

It will then generate your very own Customized Report. This report contains targeted advice to assist YOU specifically. In addition, at the end of each section you will find suggestions for further reading.

Why do it?

Why do you think it is that, despite the countless books available on how to use the Law of Attraction, so few of us have managed to overcome all the pitfalls and successfully harness its power in our lives?

Perhaps, it’s simply because we are each unique. So, when it comes to how we develop an understanding of the Law of Attraction, one size doesn’t fit all. In other words, a book or piece of advice that greatly helped someone you know may not help you to the same extent.

We’ve all had the experience where a well-meaning friend or colleague has zealously recommended an ‘amazing and life-altering’ self help book that has literally transformed their life….Only to buy the book and find nothing of personal use in it.

There’s lots of great advice out there on bringing the Law of Attraction into Action. But, how can you figure out which advice is most effective for you?

This is where Smart Attractor IQ Test can help.

The purpose of Smart Attractor IQ Test is to rocket launch you off the starting blocks with targeted advice and tips on making the Law of Attraction work for YOU.

Here are 4 great reasons to do the test!

As you take the questionnaire, the very methodology of asking questions will engage your mind and trigger completely new perspectives on old ways of thinking.

As you work through the answers, you are scaffolding your learning…in other words, new insights will be gained that keep building upon what you already know.

Upon completion of the questions, a detailed and customized report will be immediately available for you to view. It contains advice for YOU. You will have visibility on how you scored in each of the Law of Attraction ‘categories’. These Categories include ‘Gratitude, Knowing what you want, Controlling your thoughts & Using LoA Tools.

In addition, a list of tried and tested books, targeting your specific difficulties are supplied in the report, empowering you to make an informed choice on which books to read.

The very fact of you being here at this site shows a determination to succeed.

Take the First Step..