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In this video, Dr. Joe Vitale reveals the limitations of self-help and personal growth methods in this inspiring talk, which describes a healing method called ho’oponopono that erases belief programming and limitations. Zero Limits and the whiteboard are included.

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Joe Vitale the World’s First Self-Help Singer Songwriter

Author, musician, star of the movie The Secret, Dr. Joe Vitale shares his Posi Award nominated song ‘Everybody’s Goin’ Thru Something’ from his first singer-songwriter album “Strut!” http://www.GetUpAndStrut.com Film by Joe Vitale Jr. Cameo appearance by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Joe Vitale.

Mr. Fire on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

http://JoeVitale.com Check out Dr. Joe Vitale, on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Donny introduced me as Mr. Fire and also mentioned my part in the hit movie The Secret. On the show I spoke about counterintentions – hidden beliefs that limit your ability to succeed.

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A Special Message from Dr. Joe Vitale

You may think that you can do all on your own because Dr. Vitale and people like him do it on their own…right?

Not so much…Coaches are important part of the lives of professional athletes, actors, musicians, and successful business leaders just to name a few. Check out this very special message from Mr. Fire about why a coach should be part of your life too.

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Are you 100% Responsible? Do it with one phrase!

http://JoeVitale.com Dr. Vitale spoke in Chicago at The Learning Annex Wealth Expo. This clip is about one technique to clear unconscious beliefs (counterintentions) that may be stopping you from being happy and wealthy.

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