At Zero


At Zero: The Final Secrets to Zero Limits – the Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono

What are you searching for in your life?

Do you want more money? A better job? Freedom to travel or pursue your passion? Peace of mind? To heal your body? More love and romance in your life?

The answers you seek are on this page.

And my new book is a wonderful place to start.

This new book goes deeper into Ho’oponopono, reveals where it all began, shares riveting stories of new ways to use it, tells more secrets and methods, and leads you to a true spiritual awakening.

As you read it, it works on you to clean and clear you of limiting programs, beliefs, old mindsets — and other data.

The book itself is a cleaning tool.

This is the most important and personal book I’ve written in decades. It has fire in it.

And it reveals facts about Ho’oponopono you have never heard, read, or seen anywhere before.


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