The Missing Secret


The Missing Secret: Make the Law of Attraction work the way YOU want it to — 100% of the time!

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Use the incredible power of The Law of Attraction PLUS the little-known “Missing Secret” that opens the door to uninterrupted abundance.

  • Are you getting some of what you want, but not all of it?
  • Do you feel that the Law of Attraction works for you sometimes, but not all the time?
  • Are there things in your life that seem to run counter to your conscious intentions?
  • Have you already experienced the incredible power of the Law of Attraction, and are you ready to take it to a whole new level?

Have you ever had one of those days where gravity just isn’t working for you, where you can’t seem to keep your feet planted on the ground and you wind up sort of floating around in the atmosphere? OF COURSE NOT! Why not? Because gravity is a LAW. It doesn’t work some days and not work other days. It’s always working, and you are experiencing the effects of it all the time, at every moment.

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Make the Mysterious Law of Attraction work for you automatically and consistently

The phenomenal popularity of The Secret has put widespread attention on the age-old universal force known as the Law of Attraction. As one of the stars of The Secret, few people are more familiar with the true impact of this phenomenon than bestselling author Joe Vitale. According to Joe, it’s one thing to know what the Law of Attraction is, but you must understand the “Missing Secret” if you want to put the power of this incredible force to work for you. He reveals the easily remedied reasons why the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work the way it is “supposed to”Éwhy bad things happen to good peopleÉand why you sometimes seem to attract the exact opposite of what you consciously want. In The Missing Secret you’ll discover how to:

• Turn ANY desire into reality, using the proven 5-step Attractor Factor Process

• Stop attracting what you don’t want

• Remove all your limitations and start living and achieving at a level you never imagined possible

• Begin to instantaneously heal injury, illness, disconnects, and more, using 4 simple phrases

• Attract positive outcomes into the lives of others – no matter how far away they are or how difficult their challenges may be…and so much more!

The Missing Secret is the key to the Law of Attraction you’ve been waiting for. Once you have it, you’ll have everything you need to attract and enjoy anything you want — for yourself and for the people you love — for the rest of your life.

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