Here's a website to model, or, Why I buy chocolate but don't eat it

I’ve discovered the most fascinating website.

It’s a joy to shop at. Their sales copy is hypnotic. Their product is heavenly. And their service is unforgettable. I’m talking about www.zchocolat.com out of France.

I first bought their product as a surprise gift for Nerissa. I did a search for chocolate and their site came up. I loved how easy the site was to navigate. Too many sites are confusing. You get there and wonder, “What do I do next?” or “Where’s the product I want?” or “How do I order, anyway?”

Not with zchocolat. Their site is a breeze. Intuitive and easy. I instantly ordered a wooden box full of homemade gourmet chocolate.

After I ordered, the company in France emailed me a confirmation. Confirmation emails are not unusual.

But zchocolat didn’t stop there.

They emailed me when the order shipped.

Then when it cleared customs.

Then when it was out for delivery.

And then when it was actually delivered and signed for by Nerissa.

I can still remember looking down at my Blackberry 7290 and seeing an email from zchocolat just moments after Nerissa received the package. This is unforgettable service.

But the company has their marketing down, as well.

About two weeks after Nerissa received her chocolate, zchocolat sent me an email suggesting I reorder, since the candy was by now gone. They included a link, which took me directly to an already completed order form. All I had to do was hit click.

And I did.

If you want to model a site, do it with www.zchocolat.com Everything they do seems right on target to me.

I just today received a printed snail mail catalog from the company (which prompted me to write this post). In it they mention being picked by Forbes as a “Forbes Favorite” and also declared “Best of the Web.”

I’m not surprised.

I just wish I could eat their product.

After losing 80 pounds, I don’t want to step off my fitness path with candy, even if it is probably the most luxurious, heavenly and best tasting on the entire planet.

But oh, am I ever tempted.



  1. Tinu-Reply
    January 4, 2006 at 4:44 pm

    I hear you – I mean, who doesn’t just Adore chocolate…. I’ve learned to stick to sugar-free cocoa to quell my chocolate jones…

    But, question. Where do you think the line is drawn between just enough email confirmation and when it’s just too much pinging of your customer? My instinct, for post-purchase follow-up is to let them know when something in the product area changes, or when the product itself has changed or updated… I worry whether I’m striking the right balance.

  2. May 7, 2008 at 4:21 am

    Hello, Mr Fire 😎

    In fact the first comment I wanted to write to you was not exactly about chocolate (I’m studying “the secret” since 1 month, I’m reading “the Key” in english, and wow, things have changed for me, woow, woow… tell you one day)
    but I saw in your article “Zchocolate”…I do love chocolate, even a vegan can be crazy about chocolate..
    Well, one of the chocolate chef working for this site is Fabrice Gillote, who’s living in my town Dijon (mustard, gingerbread & good wines, you’d appreciate Dijon) & his workshop is always full : there are the best chocolates of France, no joking & it’s a fabulous present for your beloved one ! Each season, his store windows are decorated with fabulous chocolate sculptings, this man is a pure artist !

    Have a nice day or night (don’t know what time is it in yout town),

    Bea from France

    PS : the power of the “I LOVE YOU” sentence to the Univers is a true miracle, thanxs to have shared this wit us.

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