Carol Look is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practictioner who interviewed me on her radio show yesterday about how to attract abundance.

We covered the five steps in my book The Attractor Factor and had a fun time. Carol added a lot of juicy stuff and pulled some good stories out of me.

But I think the interview really got interesting when someone called in right at the end with two questions. Carol was concerned about time and asked me to answer one question. I was on a roll and devoured both questions.

One question was about how do you attract a car when you don’t care about cars, and the other was about how do you deal with a negative person in your life who just won’t go away?

The good news is you can hear the call online, or download it and listen wherever you like, all at no charge, by going to http://www.CarolLook.com/voiceamerica

Note: EFT is a “tapping” method for releasing blocks through a type of psychological acupuncture. Carol didn’t explain EFT in our interview but she has a wonderful book on the subject called Attracting Abundance With EFT. Get it at Amazon or from her site www.CarolLook.com



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  1. Barbara Casey-Reply
    November 15, 2005 at 9:00 am

    Hi Joe:
    I’d like to get your blog updates when you post them, and wondered if you have discovered feedblitz.com? You can place a free subscription box on your blog so people will be automatically informed when you have a new post. Found a neat free statistics program from sitemeter.com, too. (Other bloggers passed this info on to me, so I’m just forwarding it on to a fellow blogger.)
    Barb Casey, host of http://womenlosingweight.blogspot.com

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