How to Find Money Under Your Pillow Tonight

I went to my weekly Master Mind meeting today.

Today’s meeting was, in part, about removing limits and raising levels so we can have more. Whether it’s James Caan’s Bentley or a mansion or just a more comfy life, it all begins with an intention.

Today I declared the intention to find more residual income in my life. I really like it when money falls out of the clear blue sky.

I came home from the meeting, made some tea, and checked email. One of the emails was a note that someone had sent me money by Paypal. I thought that was odd as my account at Paypal didn’t show I had received any money.

So I looked closer and saw the person had sent me money to a wrong email address. It’s one of my rarely used email addresses, so it’s mine, but it’s not one set up for me at Paypal.

That made me wonder if I could even access that account through the wrong email.

Long story short, it took several minutes of filling out forms and verifying this and that — What’s my dog’s name, etc — and then I was in.

Well, here’s the punch line.

The account has $12,500.00 in it.

Yea, I had to look twice, too.


I looked closer and it’s an account I opened maybe six years ago, when I lived with Nerissa in Austin. Apparently people have been sending me money there and I forgot all about it as I got caught up with life.

Well, today I stated the intention for what I want to receive — and I came home to find $12,500 under my email.

This feels sooooo good.

So, how do you do this for yourself?

It should be obvious that you have to use the ideas in the book, The Attractor Factor, and in the movie, The Secret.

But here’s a handy tool you might want to use, too. It’s a certificate you can print out and look at every day. Write your intention or “demand” on it, and then act on the opportunities that come your way. It’s at www.patobryan.com/certificate.htm

There is magic in the world.

And it all begins with you.

Ao Akua,


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