Study Proves Happiness Burns More Calories than Sadness

I’m sending out a news release next week that says —
Happiness Burns More Calories than Sadness

It will go on to say —

Formerly Obese Author Loses 80 pounds Getting Happy –
Announces World’s First Body and Business Contest

(Austin, Texas) According to Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, happiness burns more calories than unhappy emotional states, such as depression, sadness, or anger.

“People mistakenly think happiness is where you sit and vegetate under a lotus tree,” says Vitale, 52, an author and Internet marketer based in Texas. “The truth is, happy people tend to take more actions in the direction of their goals.”

Vitale says he lost 80 pounds by focusing on what he wanted, not on what he didn’t want.

“Unhappy people tend to sit in front of the television, overeat, and do nothing but complain,” he stated today. “Even if they are feeling frustrated, sad, or angry, they tend to bottle their energy and do little to nothing with it. As a result, they get fat.”

Vitale should know. This once obese Internet guru of www.mrfire.com lost eighty pounds. He says he went from being called the Buddha of the Internet to the Charles Atlas of the Internet.

“I began to lose weight when I began to do what makes me happy,” Vitale explained. “Happy people tend to take actions that burn more calories. As a result, they get trimmer.”

To help others get happy and lose weight, Vitale and his personal trainer, Scott York, just announced the world’s first body and business fitness contest at www.yourbusinessbody.com/.

“The idea is to work on your body and your business,” says Vitale. “Get happy, get fit, and make money, too.”

The winner can win $150,000 in Vitale’s marketing services and Scott York’s fitness training.

“Fat people aren’t happy or jolly,” says Vitale. “That’s another myth. When they go home and sit in front of their TV, they cry inside.”

For details on the body and business contest, see www.yourbusinessbody.com

The idea for the above news release came from the realization that happy people do tend to achieve their goals, even at weight loss. They simply follow The Attractor Factor formula and focus on what they want.

Ao Akua,


PS – I got the idea for the “happiness burns calories” news release while working-out in my gym. It will hit the national media on Tuesday.

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