The Formula, or, What kind of sites actually sell today, anyway?

A few people have looked at my homemade wine making site at www.dadshomemadewine.com and complimented me on the short, sweet, folksy style of it. While that is flattering, the fact remains that the site doesn’t actually sell. Oh, there’s a product for sale on the site. But few buy it. Alas. The site is a bomb.

So what types of sites do sell today?

Is there a formula for sites that sell?

Though no one outside of real world marketing likes to hear it, the sites that sell are typically hard hitting, benefit rich, long copy packed, reader focused and easy to read. But no one notices the ease of reading because they are too busy actually buying the product they just read about.

If you want to create a website that sells, don’t model my homemade wine site. I was lazy when I wrote it. Instead, model something like the Pelman site that Pat O’Bryan and I have up at http://www.pelmanismonline.com/ That site sells more than anything either Pat or I ever expected or predicted. It still sells. Why? Study the site and see. And then compare it to www.dadshomemadewine.com

I just had http://www.moneybeyondbelief.com/ rewritten because the original copy for it sucked. So it’s not un-common to have to rewrite sites so they actually make sales. We all have to do it. Even me.

But what about an actual formula for money-making websites?

Is there one?

Yes, there is a new trend in creating sites that sell that you need to know about. I’m probably nuts to share this with you for free, but here goes.

Here’s the exact formula:

Step #1. Today it’s wise to first have a squeeze page where people get teased about your product. You are essentially “squeezing” contact info out of visitors. They can’t get more info unless they part with their email address. This site can be short, sweet and even folksy. The idea is to collect email addresses so you can follow up with people later if they don’t buy today.

Step #2. After they give you their email address, they are taken to the actual website, which more often than not will be long copy, benefit rich, and structured to make the sale. This is typically where old school online marketing began. What you are doing now is assuring a follow-up. If people see the site and still don’t buy, there’s always…

Step #3. Because you now have their email address, which they voluntarily gave to you, you can send follow-up sales pitches (usually by autoresponder) to these visitors until they either buy, die, or unsubscribe. Believe it or not, up to a whopping 70% of these people will end up buying later if your product, offer and copy are right.

Pat and I are using this new formula right now at http://www.milagroresearchinstitute.com/mmm01.htm

Go take a look to see how this new 3-step strategy works.

I’ve just given you a proven formula for making websites that make money. I ought to charge for this, but here I am, giving it away. I just hope you use it. At least test it.

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