The Weight Loss Secret Formula

joe_scorpion-smaller.JPG  After a lifetime of struggling with obesity, I finally broke the code to losing weight permanently.

While I could turn this proven method into a book* (and still might), I want to help you by giving away the secret formula to weight loss right here and right now. If you follow it, it will work. Guaranteed.

Here it is:

1. Get a copy of Steve Siebold’s latest book, Die Fat or Get Tough.

While you won’t believe it at first, all of your weight loss struggles are due to your beliefs. Change them and results come easily. It’s very easy to deceive yourself. If you’re fat, you’ve already done it. This book is called a cattle prod to your consciousness. I call it a disturbing masterpiece. It’s an awakener. It reveals how fat people think compared to fit people. Get it. Read it. Live it.

2. Get a copy of Kevin Trudeau’s book, The Weight Loss Cure. 

Kevin found the cure to weight loss. It’s a supplement called HCG. You can only get it from a medical doctor, but they have it and they sell it. Being on the Trudeau protocol (which is really the Dr. Simeons protocol) made all the difference in my life. It forced me to change my lifestyle, eat healthily, and break my addiction to food. Kevin says the diet is easy, which is the only thing I disagree with him about. Eating 500 calories a day (you get the rest of the fuel from HCG burning fat) is not easy, especially in social situations. But doing it will cause you to lose weight (a pound a day, on average), reset your hypothalamus (the part of your brain controlling your weight set-point), and break your addiction to the socially accepted bad habit called overeating. Get the book. Read it. Do it.

3. Drink water.

Sounds easy but you have to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh two hundred pounds, that’s one hundred ounces of water. Diet sodas, coffee, tea and such don’t count. Drinking water means drinking water. You’ll feel full, cleanse your body, and oil your inner machinery.

4. Chew xylitol or stevia sweetened gum. 

Wanting to overeat comes from an addiction to food, bad habits, social pressure, and stress. You can satisfy some of the latter by chewing gum, but not just any gum. Most have sugar or some other addictive. Gum sweetened with xylitol or stevia is better, healthier and safer.

5. Drink oolong tea.

I was never a tea drinker but organic oolong is a mild tea which helps you lose weight without over stimulating your nervous system like caffeine does. I add stevia, the natural plant sweetener, to my tea.

6. Exercise.

There’s no way around this. You must exercise. But the exercise is something you get to choose. Walking is exercise. So is ping pong. So is weight lifting, yoga, pilates, dance, swimming, biking, running and so much more. But you have to do something every day. To lose weight, you must move.

7. Take enzymes.

Enzymes help break down and move out all the food you’ve eaten in the recent past and stored in your intestines. I found taking several plant based enzymes after every meal to be another secret to losing weight and getting healthy. I also take them at night, before going to sleep. My favorite is Digest Gold from Enzymedica.

8.  Get support.

You’ll have an easier time and get faster results if you join a support team. I joined the Fat Losers group run by the Mental Toughness Institute for Weight Control. But you can create your own group or find another. Having a group can help you stay accountable and motivated. Having a coach will do the same thing, of course. I greatly believe in coaches and use them all the time. Everyone needs a coach.

Finally, losing weight is one thing; keeping if off is quite another.

While the above formula will have you losing weight, once you’ve lost it you must maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. If you don’t, you’ll just regain weight and a few months later you’ll be reading this post again. Commit to permanent change once and for all.

One way to accomplish permanent weight loss is to have a goal image and a goal weight. See that you reach it and then see that you stay there. Use the five steps in my book, The Attractor Factor, to help you set the goal, clear any blocks to achieving it, and then attract it with action.

You can do it.

Go for it.

Ao Akua,


PS – Above photo is of me after a 20 pound weight loss (and before another 20 pounds was lost) standing beside the first Scorpion, an eco-friendly exotic sports car. I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks using HCG and another 20 pounds in another 3 weeks using HCG; both times using the above steps. I was inspired by Trudeau and his book. Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons. (Left click on photo to enlarge it.) You can also see me on the cover of Austin Fit magazine (April ’09 issue) at

* Obviously, thee’s more to losing weight than the above outline. If you’d like me to turn this weight loss secret formula into a full length book, telling my story and explaining the deeper aspects of each of the above steps, let me know. Leave a comment. Meanwhile, if you liked this post, please digg it and share it. Thank you.


  1. April 9, 2009 at 9:27 am

    I really like Joe and usually agree with his conclusions and opinions but this one, we must part company. Regarding HCG, it is not the “cure” by any means. In fact, it has virtually nothing to do with fat loss. The reason people lose weight (including muscle) on this program is because the calories are a mere 500 per day. It is extremely difficult to follow. Impossible if you are active.

    After about 5-6 most people find that their endocrine system is rather imbalanced. I have noted with patients that their thyroid and adrenals in particular are extremely stressed. It often takes a full month to get back to norm.

    As with all extreme diets, the side-effects are multiple and long term effects are poor.

    There are many quality approaches to fat loss. Joe mentioned a few others and I my opinion, he is right on target with them. Perhaps the readers should consider those.

    Respectfully submitted.
    Dr. David Orman

  2. April 9, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Hi Dr. Orman. I appreciate your quick and thoughtful comment. Here’s my reply:

    Anybody who goes on 500 calories a day will NOT lose one pound a day. That’s important to get. They might lose one or two pounds in a week. Big difference.

    And what they lose will not be healthy. With HCG, you lose one pound PER day, only fat, and maintain your energy. I still worked out in my gym, lifting weights, while on it. I had no imbalance, no illness, no side effects, and kept my normal active schedule, including travel.

    I also found the diet a ssnap to follow. What you can eat is spelled out so its a no brainer. That’s easy. I admit eating in social situations was more of a challenge, as everyone is gorging while you aren’t, but I did it.

    And keep in mind I went through this process twice, not once, for three weeks each time. The second time was easier as it helped break all addiction to food, but neither time were there any ill effects let alone any side effects. My doctor and his nurses aide have verfied all of this.

    Kevin Trudeau covers all of this and more in his book, so I suggest anyone considering HCG get the book. It’s important to have all the facts. And, as i’ve mentioned, you need to be under medical supervision to do this diet as its the only way to get HCG. Your doctor can answer any questions about taking it.

    It’s not the only diet, of course. I say do what is healthy for you, but do something to be healthy. I’m not selling a diet of any kind, but I am encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you for your comment, Dr. Orman, as it gave me a chance to clarify a few points for others.



  3. April 9, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Hello, Dr. Joe Vitale. My name is Genadi, I’m from Russia.

    In advance I apologize for my nasty English language.
    I am a doctor, last 14 years I prosecute subjects of lose weight and the control of weight.
    At the moment I write the book about weight reduction. As it will be ready – you will be the first, who will read, on America
    Why I write to you about that? I with the big love and respect concern to You. I read all your accessible books. Very much it is pleasant your refined and simple style. Has bought all the books translated on Russian on I apply the Secret and All happens, as it is necessary!
    Thanks enormous to You. I Love You all soul and heart.
    I consider{count} you as the Friend, I talk to you in ideas and I receive the Important advice{councils} – they emerge or in the re-read book, or on yours blog. blog I read on a regular basis, I look video, but on hearing badly I understand English speech. Or the intuition prompts me answers, and I know it – Dr. Joe Vitale!
    I can name you my Friend?

    And the last send (transmit) many thanks to All Heroes of film the Secret, especially Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor

    Once again – Many thanks. I love You.

    Dr. Genadi Eltsov
    Kaliningad, Russia

    PS. We have attract each other 🙂
    I wrote e-mail to You.. but alas. Now – on blog.

  4. April 9, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Hi, Joe.
    I would love to see you write the eBook. Why? Your writing is Hypnotic 🙂
    I’ve gained about 40lbs over the past 8 or 9 years. It so slow, that I really didn’t notice it until one day, I had to stoop forward to see my feet!

    The thing about water, that sounds fairly accurate with what I’d heard before. I started doing water a few years ago, but I didn’t realize that you can’t just “drink it all in the morning and get it over with.” (Apparently, the body likes water only as much as it can handle at a time!)

    The main reason I want you to write the eBook is that, since your writing always has the hypnotics aspects going, even if the masses don’t follow your recommendations, they’ll at least get the wake up call to start exploring other options for their health

  5. Matt-Reply
    April 9, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Does Seltzer count as water?

  6. April 9, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Hey Joe,

    Can I add one thing to the support group idea?

    I’d like to recommend that when you choose your support group, you do NOT choose other people who are obese as well?

    Unless you know FOR SURE that those people will stick with you through to the end, DON’T JOIN THEM. Otherwise it will become so easy when they slack off, to follow them.

    Instead, go find yourself a group of friends who are already fit and already have the habit of working out daily and eating healthy.

    See about planning having a meal per day with them so that you get in the habit of eating what they eat! Not only are you going to be creating a great new habit, but doing it WITH these people will create much more of a likelihood for lasting change because neurologically you’ll be associating positive feelings (connection, appreciation, gratitude, fun, love) with losing weight and eating healthy because you’re hanging around people you like, and who are motivated!

    –Sean Patrick Simpson
    **The Mindset Apprentice**
    Twitter ID @vpsean

  7. April 9, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Way to go Joe!!! You write that book and I’ll buy it! 🙂 Eventually I’ll have all your books in my personal library since I’ve read a lot of them. You’ve been in inspiration in my life with your teachings. Looking forward to more.

  8. April 9, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Hi Joe, You give several great suggestions, particularly the Die Fat or Get Tough book, which has helped me and I keep reading it over and over — and the Mental Toughness for Weight Control program, which was a godsend as well. It disturbs me though, Joe, that you would reciommend something as radical as Trudeau’s suggestions alongside your very sensible and healthy ones. I can vouch for one 50 year old tried and true food program, The Trim Club. While very low calorie, it is not outrageous, you can use it for years at a time if needed, , and it has helped many many thousands lose and maintain. Started by a young Illinos mother who had a stroke in her 30s while 115 pounds overweight, followed by nutrition studies at Duke, she still offers her program in an online mail ordering website as well as a weekly meeting format in S. Florida (her name is Marcy Debs and she’s 89 and going strong). The web program is only for those not living in a meeting area. Check it out. Not sophisticated, but it sure works. Another no brainer system- you get a new specific detailed menu every single week. Between Marcy’s diet and Steve and Dawn Siebold (Dawn heads up the Mental Toughness for Weight Control program) with brilliant motivation and teachings, I’m NOT going to die fat, and I get emotionally stronger each day.

  9. Josh-Reply
    April 10, 2009 at 12:16 am

    Congrats Joe, you look good. My own story…I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks using only 30.00 worth of fitness equipment. No supplements whatsoever. I had even quit smoking cold turkey a long time ago. No programs, no gums no books, no patches. The 20 I lost was a minimal because I’m 6 ft so I was 200 and got down to a fit 180. Keep it up Joe and you will have a muscle mastermind in that new Scopion!!! Thanks for all your continued inspiration!

  10. April 10, 2009 at 7:18 am

    If the Trim at Home link won’t work from here, it does if you copy paste it into your browser —

  11. David Orman-Reply
    April 10, 2009 at 7:26 am

    Hi Joe,

    Sorry I must disagree with you again. There is a tool called BodyGem which will identify the number of calories a person burns in the course of a day. For a 180-200 pound person for example, it would be about 1700. That amount would be burned to maintain minimal existence; that is, if they stayed on the couch all day, they would burn this. Assuming they move to any degree, the numbers would increase. Trudeau recommends a 1 hour walk, sauna etc., per day. Now we are upwards of 3000. To burn 1 pound, the body must use 3500 calories. Add some water loss and it is now easy to see that a 5-7 WEIGHT loss is very doable per week.

    I would bet a Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar 😆 that if you took a BMI or some other measurement of muscularity, you muscle mass will decrease as well as fat loss. In fact, I would go so far as to say it would be a 1-1.5-1 ratio.

    I think what you offer is exceptional, from Hooponopono to your marketing. In my opinion, you missed the mark and are now into the danger zone with this one. There are others that are safer and effective for long term.

    Thanks Joe.

    PS. You do look great.

  12. April 10, 2009 at 8:04 am

    You owe me a guitar, David. 🙂

    I did take an BMI test and there was NO loss of muscle. None.

    Your calculations of calories are again forgetting the HCG and what it does to burn the fat you carry.

    Anyway, please read Trudeau’s book, get the facts, and then reaccess your opinion.

    And again, thanks for the comment, giving me another chance to clairfy my thoughts for everyone else.


  13. Denise Metrica-Reply
    April 10, 2009 at 8:54 am

    I agree with Joe for the most part. For myself, I augment with organic oolong tea to great effect. I have lost over 30 pounds in just under five weeks. Enzymes have helped too.

    Thanks Joe!

  14. April 10, 2009 at 9:00 am

    Great !

  15. Shirley Villacorta-Reply
    April 10, 2009 at 9:31 am

    Hello Joe,

    I jus’t read your…como estas aprendiendo español, me gustaria escribirte este comentario así. Yo soy de Lima – Peru, y voy a ir a verte el 6 de mayo. Hace poco te escribi, pero no sé si se entendió mi pregunta. Estoy interesada en saber si como parte de tu visita también vendras con los libros que has escrito. Aca solo he podido encontrar el libro de La llave y no sé cómo conseguir los otros.

    Por otro lado, he leido a través de los correos que recibo por la subscripcion de tu web site que ofreces reuniones precenciales donde se puede dialogar contigo. Esto será posible en tu visita a Lima? o es solo para ejecutivos?

    En espera de tu respuesta.

    Shirley Villacorta

  16. Dyana Bhandari-Reply
    April 10, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Joe, I would love to write a book with you and about you looking at the deeper aspects of your weight loss program. I have had a very small nutritional supplement company for about 10 years (the website is now undergoing a major overhaul as my company is changing direction). I will follow up the weight loss tools you mention in this posting. Other than stress reduction itself, do you know of any products/supplements that will help in avoiding the weight gain from stress hormones. I especially appreciate being introduced to Ho’oponopono by you.

  17. April 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, Joe! I have a dear friend who would find this very helpful.

    I have followed your work for many years now and I have always been impressed with your thinking and metaphysical orientation, and it was a pleasure to see you involved in The Secret. Related to such teachings, I recently attended a weekend with Jo Dunning, a very special Master of Energy. This event helped me to literally change the quality of my consciousness in a profound and permanent way.

    I thought you would be interested to hear about a free project that Jo is conducting right now. It is something that all spiritually oriented people might be interested in participating in. It will create an opportunity, if enough people get involved, to create a kind of “100th monkey” shift in the global prosperity consciousness. If we can pool our efforts to inpire at least 150,000 people to get involved in the project it will be enough to enable this shift.

    Abundance and Prosperity to all!


  18. April 10, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Also you are looking good – and that car isn’t too bad either! 😀

  19. April 11, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Dear Dr. Joe Vitale,

    I have just recently discovered your writings and your audio programs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights. I have always been a believer in the Law of Attraction but never fully understood what to call it or how to work with it. Your very clear explanations are wonderful and enlightening.

    To this end I want to comment on your recent post. I believe it is an example of the Law of Attraction at work. I recently had the opportunity to learn of a gentleman by the name of Mark Stephens from Australia. You may have already heard of Mark as he has had an incredible amount of success helping people with weight problems. His philosophies and teachings are very much in harmony with the Law of Attraction.

    An example of Mark’s teachings that aline with the Law of Attraction goes directly to the heart of weight loss problems. He advocates that those wishing to “lose weight” are setting themselves up for failure. The subconsciuos must move towards something (attraction) not away from something (lose weight). He counsels that weight loss goals must be stated in the positive, in the present and with emotion. Your goal is to see yourself in the future at your desired weight while experiencing the emotions that “ideal” would be feeling. If your goal is to “lose weight” then eventually your subconscious will go in search of what it has loss. This explains the yo-yo affect so many people who simply diet experience.

    Perhaps a collaborative effort between the two of you would result in a great body of work. It would also be wonderful to bring Mark’s program to the US. He actually has his entire program available on an MP4 player. He works in other areas as well, such as sleep disorders, smoking, etc. His website is:

  20. April 12, 2009 at 1:15 am

    I just clicked on that picture of you by your car. Holy smokes that is one amazing machine! I had to DIGG this post.

    I read Kevin’s book about 2 years ago, and agreed with most of what he says but didn’t do the program because I don’t like the idea of going to the doctor to have to get HCG. Was the HCG an injection you had to take or is it a prescription pill? I can’t remember what it was now.

    In 2003, I did lose about 16lbs in two weeks, without HCG and without limiting my calories so much. I simply cut out all sugar from my diet and followed the pH Miracle diet from Dr. Young (Same one Tony Robbins recommends). The weight loss was fast, but it’s a super hard diet to stick with, so I gained all the weight back as I went on a vacation to Disneyland and couldn’t follow the diet when I was there so ended up falling off the wagon.

    Right now I’m doing a program called P90X and enjoy the strength gains, but I haven’t been losing the fat I want so I think it’s time to do something more “hardcore” to lose the fat. I’m going to re-read Kevin’s book again as it’s sitting here on my book shelf.

    Man that is a nice car! You look great too. 🙂

    BTW, I remember seeing videos at some point where there was this rope you had for climbing. Not sure if it was at your house or somewhere else. Do you climb that rope now? Or is that a goal of yours? Just curious what that rope was about.


  21. Carol O-Reply
    April 12, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    I, too, followed the Simeons protocol, which is what Kevin Trudeau explains in his book, to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks. I manage a buffet restaurant so the diet was even harder for me being around food all the time. After the first week, though, it was relatively easy. I, too, stayed very active and had no problems with energy. What I especially like about this diet is that you lose the belly fat that is so hard to get off with anything else.

    At 55, I had not worn a bathing suit in years. After I lost the weight, I spent a week at the beach in a bikini, feeling very comfortable and sexy in it. It was amazing.

    The other thing the HCG diet does is reset your hypothalamus, which resets your weight point. It broke my cravings for sugar, and the weight stayed off. I applaud you for writing about it because it is so controversial.


  22. Agnieszka-Reply
    April 14, 2009 at 8:52 am

    You think we can have Dr. Len talk about this a little more, Dr. Vitale? It seems that my inner core needs a bit more than berries :wink:(I probably doomed myself just by typing that). Hopefully even the weight of ours will fall into a better place after this weekend. Cheers Dr. Vitale

  23. April 14, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Hi Joe,

    I’m mostly scared, to do or wright here something about my weight, but have giving me sooo many things, as strenght, that, here I Go, I’ve never been overweight, whem I met my husbans at 17, I was 48 kilo’s. and now last year I was a respectable 68 kilo’s ( its a dutch ting the kilo’s) then I’ve got a metabolism siknis, ending with a strumectomie, and now I cant shed the weight, I’m not used to weighing this much. I’m now 80 kilo’s, 😳 my clothes wont fit me as they should. And I feel not as good, but, why did I attract this, so I can see how it feels:shock:, but a good quistion voor my coach, or els i’ll figger it out 😉
    I’m goingin to weigh a 68 kilo’s again, but i want to get pregnant now first, weight comes after. 😛 maybe it isnt a problem anymore, becouse, i’ve lost a lot of weight with my first born, I starded at 68, and when see was born I weight with breastfiding only 61 kilo’s. so what am I fussing about. 😕

    Greetz Angelique -xxx-
    When I’m good I’m the best, but when I’m bad I’m even better 😈

  24. April 14, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Joe!
    I am really happy for you that you have found your solution to your excess weight. I practice emotional clearing work and Chinese medicine / chakra balancing / natural hormone balancing. I often have patients that experience weight loss just with the emotional clearing and energetic hormone balancing techniques that I do.

    I have observed over the last few years that you hadn’t lost the weight despite all the clearing work you had done. This , of course, means that your weight wasn’t completely emotional related, and that you hadn’t addressed enough f the true cause , or the secondary issues of emotional causes hadn‘t been re-stabilized. (as I’m sure you know). Because you had a great result with the HCG therapy, this tells me that your primary issue was the HPA axis.

    I did want to make a few comments on the subject of HCG therapy. I believe this is an area that is largely controversial (as seen by the other comments) and not fully understood by many people. I think it ’s controversial because of it’s use of “pregnancy hormone”, in conjunction with an extremely low calorie diet, both of these by themselves being controversial …. So many don’t agree with it. Maybe I can shed some light on the subject for your readers?

    In a nutshell – the HCG therapy is used to stabilize/re-establish the HPA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis) and to prevent muscle wasting. Here is the definition from wikipedia: “HPA axis, a major part of the neuroendocrine system that controls reactions to stress and regulates many body processes, including digestion, the immune system, mood and emotions, sexuality, and energy storage and expenditure. A wide variety of species, from the most ancient organisms to humans, share components of the HPA axis. It is the common mechanism for interactions among glands, hormones, and parts of the midbrain that mediate the general adaptation syndrome (GAS).

    When this system(HPA) is interrupted, it can affect almost any function in the body – like a domino effect. One of the key issues in regards to weight loss is it’s regulation of hunger is altered, and hormone imbalance creates weight issues (obviously).

    This hormonal / endocrine communication system can be shut down by many things that are prevalent in our typical American lives: stress and chemicals. For example, MSG and all of it’s derivatives shunt the hypothalamus and disrupts the neuroendocrine system. I, personally, am very sensitive to “disodium guanylate”.

    I always ask people about their weight history, and almost always there is an emotionally or physically stressful situation that preceeded the weight issues.

    Many chemicals in our daily lives are endocrine disruptors / xenohormones messing with this system and other hormonal communications. They are rampant in our foods, drinks, body care, laundry and cleaning products, perfumes, and the list goes on…(there is more on my Emotion Potions website about this for anyone who wants to learn more)

    Here’s the best part: the big controversy, as I said before, is administering “pregnancy hormone(even to men…) and the extremely low calorie diet.

    What many don’t know is that there are completely safe, natural ways to restore the HPA axis to it’s normal healthy communication level without injecting the HCA. Combined with proper diet and exercise techniques to re-establish a healthy metabolism, and simple emotional clearing products, many people get the same results.

    Now, many people will choose the injection therapy program – but for those who are leery or scared of this, this is great news! There ARE other options that accomplish the same results.

    I know you didn’t ask for my advice, however, here it is anyways… Now that you have trimmed down, you need to investigate your daily habits and do your best to eliminate as many of the Neuro-toxic Endocrine disruptors as possible.

    Now, I haven’t read the other book you have listed – but I agree with your comment that things stem from your beliefs. This is why I focus a lot on chakra balancing as well – because it helps to resolve hormone imbalance that is cause by your “belief glitches”. Each chakra is associated with a particular hormone gland and a certain area of “belief” ie. Solar plexus is associated with the Liver and pancreas and power and control issues (Joe – I know YOU know this – I want to make sure your readers know this…).

    Boy – I started out to make a comment and it turned into ½ a book!

    I hope this helps people to understand this more clearly. Of course – just My opinion.

    Love you, Joe… keep up the great work. There are so many of us that appreciate you and everything you do to help people.

    Dr Maureen Maples

    PS. I’m gonna make it to one of your live seminars as soon as my new business gets off the ground… we are crazy busy right now, but it is on my mental”to do” list.

  25. April 14, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    PSS. I hope you get your guitar!!!:wink:

  26. Josh-Reply
    April 14, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Yes, I can hear Stevie playing “Lenny” right now. In my own fitness, I just do it. No programs or supplements whatsoever. Just use whatever works for you. There are a lot of things that work as the human body is highly adaptable. I use “my” method of weightlifting and weight loss. To everybody–keep up the good works and thanks Joe for the positive vibes.

  27. April 16, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Yes, I agree that HCG is a cure for obesity. I didn’t realize that is how you lost your weight too. I lost 52 lbs on it last fall and it’s still off! I really love healthy food now and am trying to stay about 80% raw. I feel 20 years younger. My blood was checked after I finished and I was told it looked great. I encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight to look into it. I found it easy to follow but I did have to really be organized and have food ready to eat. I wasn’t hungry and I lost from my mid-section first. Women don’t do that naturally! It was an answer to prayer for me.

  28. Chris-Reply
    April 20, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    There seems to be a wee bit of medical research contrary to what you are saying here Joe.

    In the past I’ve only ever read terrible things about Kevin Trudeau and his products. He has been continually taken to court over misrepresentation and false advertising. Is he really someone who’s advice people should follow?

  29. May 3, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  30. August 30, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    I thought I wasnt going to like this blog but more I read the more I liked it.

  31. julie garant-Reply
    November 30, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    I’m in the middle of reading the attractor factor and in your book you mention weight loss. To cut to the chase I have struggled with food my whole life. I have lost 100 pounds 4 years ago . In my life i have gained and lost over and over and over I can weigh 94 pounds to 220 pounds my mind is obviously not thinking the right thoughts. I want to be free of this obsession with food . i’m going to try this diet you are talking about and i already have a group that I am accountable to. I will keep you informed on how i’m doing with the diet. My weight today is 125 but I need to get my weight back to 115 pounds because for four years I was fine and then bang the thoughts in my head are back to over eating and thinking about food all the time. I should also say that I live with eating disorders anorexia and bulimia since the age of 14years of age. Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Thank you for all of your information Julie G.

  32. April 11, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Joe, I’m very interested in the weight loss system you describe here. It sounds similar to Cura Romana which Leslie Kenton used and promotes.

    However, in your recent video it does look like you regained quite a lot of the weight you lost a year ago. Do you still recommend this method as a long-term solution to weight control?
    Many thanks

    • April 11, 2010 at 7:07 am

      Not sure what you mean by “recent video” as there are twenty years worth of videos out there. Anyway, I do still endorse the program. Remember, all diets worth. The trick is keeping it off.

  33. Rene-Reply
    June 20, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    I’ m a liitle confused…Why don’t you mention the 3M audios (clearing for weight loss)? Didn’t they do the trick?

    • June 20, 2010 at 4:22 pm

      Rene, the weight loss audios didn’t exist when I wrote this post a year ago. They do now at
      joe 🙂

      • Rene-Reply
        June 22, 2010 at 2:40 pm

        Fair enough! Because I found the 3M audio highly interesting as a weight loss tool. Didn’t notice the date of the post. Sorry!

  34. October 30, 2010 at 1:39 am

    You you should change the post subject title The Weight Loss Secret Formula | Dr. Joe Vitale’s Secret Law of Attraction to something more suited for your webpage you make. I loved the blog post nevertheless.

  35. September 3, 2011 at 12:17 am

    My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different website and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to going over your web page for a second time.

  36. Silvia Adduci-Reply
    November 15, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Hi Joe, greetings from Argentina!

    Thank you for all your help! And please, DO write that book on weight loss!! When I was living in Austin TX I lost 100 pounds and experienced some of the happier time in my life. But I got scared, or got to my “deserving threshold”, and gained all the weight back. I can’t wait for you to share your experience in the brilliant ways you have.

    Thanks again for your help, you don’t know it, but you have made a difference in my life. I hope I can meet you and thank you in person some day.


  37. November 18, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Please answer both questions completely:. . What’s the easiest way to make sure that if I copyright something, that it’s mine without have to copyright each article or blog individually?. . ALSO: . . I’m a poet and I want to copyright my work without have to pay “per poem” – how can I do that, but also be able to get things copyrighted regularly?.

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    My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.
    I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with

  40. May 29, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyway, just wanted to say great blog!

  41. August 9, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    How can I follow your blog?

    • August 10, 2013 at 9:38 am

      There’s a tiny sign up box above.

  42. January 23, 2017 at 6:50 am

    Dr Joe:
    Thank you for sharing your weight loss experience, congratulations for the long term result.
    I bought few years ago Kevin Trudeau book on HCG. I like the book; however I did not try the method. Like the other commenter going to a doctor and injections were not appealing. I do believe that beliefs are a significant contributor to weight loss struggles

  43. December 13, 2021 at 11:05 pm

    I’d be curious if Dr. Joe has kept the weight off over the years. I did the Simeons program and lost 40lbs a few years ago, but it all came back 🙁

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