Adventures Within: Confessions of an Inner-World Journalist


Adventures Within: Confessions of an
Inner-World Journalist

My new book is part autobiography, adventure story, self-help book and teaching tale. The writing is the most intimate, intense and inspiring of my entire career. The book chronicles my experiences leading up to my #1 best-seller “Spiritual Marketing.”

In it you’ll discover fire walking, belief clearing, astral sex, controversial gurus, outspoken leaders, miracle makers, and other wild and sometimes shocking events.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners will learn how

to improve their sales through simple, e-marketing tactics, while normal regular people–from stay-at-home moms to construction workers–can increase their income through a wide variety of online moneymaking plans. The Internet is a powerful resource for marketing, selling, and communicating anything.

It reveals the true story of my twenty-year adventure through various gurus, seminars and unusual events while I worked as a journalist for numerous alternative magazines.

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