Completing Napoleon Hill’s Assignment

Now that I’m President of the Napoleon Hill Institute, I’ve had the pleasure of completing the challenge Andrew Carnegie delivered to Hill in 1908.

Let me tell you the story…

Last month I flew to New York City for the first Napoleon Hill Institute event since the famous self-help author died decades ago.

Before the event began, the Institute CEO, Cliona O’Hara, and her camera crew drove over to the Carnegie Mansion in Manhattan.

That’s the place where a young nobody reporter in 1908 had the chance to meet and interview the world’s wealthiest man, Andrew Carnegie.

At that historic meeting, Carnegie challenged Hill to devote his life to compiling the science of success. Carnie would make introductions but he wouldn’t pay anything.

As generous as Carnegie was, he wasn’t going to support an unknown reporter, at least not financially.

Hill agreed.

And Hill hit the ground running.

He began an intense and persistent two decade long research project.

Along the way he created an entire course in 1925, and of course the famous Think and Grow Rich book in 1937.

And Hill kept producing books and courses until his death in 1970.

But Carnegie didn’t see any of it.

The legendary tycoon died in 1919, long before Hill had any real success.

My staff and I felt we needed to complete the mission.

We needed to go to the Carnegie Mansion, get into Carnegie’s study where he met Hill in 1908, and put a copy of Think and Grow Rich on the shelf.

We did just that.

I’ve posted video footage of the memorable event on my IG and FB pages.

But whenever you go to the Carnegie Mansion, see if you can peek into the library.

You’ll find the ghosts of Hill and Carnegie there.

And a copy of Think and Grow Rich.

Challenge completed.

Ao Akua,

Dr Joe

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