Aligning to Zero


Aligning to Zero

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There are two more powerful reasons why Aligning to Zero is so amazing and you’ll love it:

            First, you have to realize the power of the phrases, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me,” and “Thank you.”

            These phrases are a type of mantra, or song, or prayer, that have been used to help people attract miracles. I wrote about this at length in Zero Limits. The point for you to understand here is those very same phrases are “under” the music Mathew and I created.

            That means your unconscious mind will absorb the messages. You won’t hear them. (Again, you may hear them over time, with repeated listening, and that’s perfectly fine.) That’s what you want. Your seat of power is in your unconscious mind, not your conscious mind. The fact that these phrases by-pass the critical mind and are allowed into your power center means a whole lot of healing can happen without you doing much at all.

             In fact, all you really have to do is relax and listen to the music.

That’s it!

            Second, I played the world’s first Healing Guitar on this album. (You can see me holding it above, in the picture with Mathew, and below, near the end of this letter.)

            This guitar is infused with love. It took almost an entire year to make. Plus it has the healing phrases right on the neck. And the fret markers on the guitar are yin-yang symbols – a symbol I have seen throughout my life, as a sign that my guides are with me.

            This amazing guitar was played by me as lead guitar on six of the seven tracks, and it was used by me to create background swells, with me playing the special guitar through a synthesizer.

            Obviously, Aligning to Zero was created in an atmosphere of magic and made with tools designed to invoke powers greater than any of us.

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