Miracles Manual, Volume One


Miracles Manual, Volume One

  • Discover the Real Secret to Attracting Miracles with your own free copy of The Miracles Manual.
  • Sit in on the Private Coaching Sessions of Dr. Joe Vitale.

For more than four years now I have been answering questions from students in my famous Miracles Coaching™ program. They’ve asked everything from —

  • How do I stay positive when people around me are negative?
  • How do I discover my life purpose when I don’t know what I want?
  • How do I attract money in this terrible economy?
  • How do I attract my soul mate?
  • How do I improve my self-image?
  • How do I help others?
  • What can I do when everything looks hopeless?

Those questions and hundreds of others have been asked — and I answered every one of them, in great length, in my secret coaching calls.

Now, for the first time ever, you can have access to the first volume of questions and answers in my brand new e-book, The Miracles Manual.

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