Miracles Manual, Volume Two


Miracles Manual: The Secret Coaching Sessions, Vol. Two

In Volume I of The Miracles Manual: The Secret Coaching Sessions, read by thousands of people all over the world, you were invited to sit in on Dr. Vitale’s private interviews where he shares his inspirational answers to his paid Miracles Coaching® students.

Once again, in Volume II, you’re given a personal guest pass to the archives of these raw, uncensored, and inspirational interviews.

Each month, students of Dr. Joe Vitale’s famous Miracles Coaching® Program gather together from all over the world in a members-only coaching session to ask some of life’s most perplexing questions such as: What’s the fastest way to reach my subconscious thought? How do I overcome my own limiting beliefs when my ego gets in the way and tells me, “This won’t work?” How can I get rid of feelings like envy for what other people have? What’s the best and fastest way to rebuild my self-esteem?

If you’ve ever wondered how your life would change if you had a mentor – your own personal coach – to help you solve the most difficult challenges in your life or to inspire you to your greatest achievements…you’ve come to the right place.

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All three volumes of The Miracles Manual is also available in E-book version here.


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