One More Day


One More Day

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Each song delivers a powerful message, and in about three minutes.

This is a breakthrough new way to get the positive messages I teach straight into your heart and mind, by simply listening to these original songs and music.

Every track has a different hypnotic groove to help put you in the right mental space to receive the message.

And the messages are the ones I spend entire books writing about, whether how to “Nevillize” a goal, to songs designed to motivate, inspire, and awaken.

So, each song is a self-help book in 3 minutes.

And the musical styles range from rock to jazz to spoken poetry to relaxing grooves to feel good, happy sing-a-longs.

And the album is “blessed” – as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Joe Vitale (yes, he has the same name as me) — has said.

Each song is – in everyone’s opinion – a smash hit.

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