The Power of Outrageous Marketing


The Power of Outrageous Marketing
A Nightingale-Conant Tapeset with Included Workbook & More!

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At last! “The Power of Outrageous Marketing!”, Joe Vitale’s first audio program with Nightingale-Conant, is now available! It reveals how you can use the ten secrets of titans, tycoons and billionaires to get rich in YOUR own business! You’ll love the stories about P.T. Barnum, Harry Houdini, Donald Trump, Mark Twain, the Swedish Bikini Team, and other colorful people and wild events.

And you’ll learn such powerful things as how to write a book — in only six days, the top ten keys to negotiating with anyone at anytime for anything, how to find and do business with anyone alive today, how to give the greatest speech of your life, how to get free publicity for yourself and your business, how to write hypnotic ads that actually pull in sales, how to create allies (for free!) that easily bring more business to you, and even the little known secret for doing the impossible.

Whew! It’s all in this new program — and it’s guaranteed to please or your money back. Call 1-800-525-9000 to order right now or visit N-C’s website. It comes with a workbook, six audiotapes, surprise bonus tapes, and a beautiful collector’s edition of P.T. Barnum’s speech “The Art of Money-Getting.” Worth millions. Available as a tapeset for $159.95, or as a CD set for $179.95.

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