The Wealth Trigger


“The Wealth Trigger” by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

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Dr. Joe Vitale brings to you a new *proven* system for attracting wealth into your life — almost effortlessly. He teamed up with the most sought after hypnotist on the planet, Steve G. Jones to create this system.

This is the same system that Steve G. Jones used to go from sleeping in his car to attracting a multi-million dollar business in Beverly Hills.

It’s also the same system that Joe Vitale used to go from being homeless to attracting cars, homes, and infinite amounts of money into his own life.

It’s simple, effective and unlike anything you’ve ever seen because it combines the Law of Attraction with the power of hypnosis.

This product consists of 10 audios, 1 bonus audio and 2 PDF reports.

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