I grew up drinking homemade wine. My father made it every year. He never used chemicals. No yeast, sugar, preservatives, sulfates or anything else. JUST grapes. It was the fountain of youth.

People today can’t believe that you can make pure, natural wine at home with only grapes. They all want kits and chemicals. What they don’t understand is that natural homemade wine is made the old school way — the way the ancients made it as far back as 2,000 years ago in Greece or Italy — only they used clay pots and today we use glass bottles. Still, the system to make wine is the same.

I miss that healthy wine. I wrote a report on how to make homemade wine yourself which I just posted at http://www.DadsHomeMadeWine.com

If you know anyone making wine without the additives, let me know. I’d like to sample some.

To your health!


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